Sunday, October 30, 2016


The Global Times, China's communist party publication, that has been keeping a close tab on the run-up to the U.S general election, on Monday aired to the world the flaws with democracy, which has become evident with the soar of U.S Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

With attention drawn to Friday's St. Louis unrest, the tabloid pointed out that for 31 people some made up of supporters and the others, protesters, to engage in such an unruly conduct which even led to arrests, has to a large extent showed the decadence of the much publicize political 'American' structure.

In very hard  words, the publication had the following to say about Donald Trump.

  • The American public rather sees Trump as trying to beguilingly sway from the core traditional political values, with his many xenophobic and radical views.
  • With his seemingly comic outlook to topical issues, Trump who was seen as a buffoon, has capered his way to the top, even With his incessant derogatory remarks which is always targeted at pissing people off.
  • Trump who entered the race with a lot of uncultured zest, which he still keeps at, swept a lot of meager income whites into his fold by the lousy uncouth conduct.

The tabloid even made reference to a former publication by an Occidental press, that Donald Trump was employing the same strategy which both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini used to rise to great power, using sectionalism as a ploy.

Away from the Trump's matters arising, it was also speculated by the paper that the coming U.S elections would either make or mar the American nation. 

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