Sunday, October 30, 2016


In as much as one seems to push towards positive living and the energy it carries, it is evident that at a certain point one must face certain basic truths which include the fact that, is going the extra mile really worth it in the long run. 

Is it getting that finer shape, that luxurious car, that posh house, the six digit income, that model-like spouse or those ever smiling happy kids; in most cases, not all of these goals are achieved, so what does one do in the meantime knowing that life in most cases does not come perfectly.

Living the life of an average person and enjoying it, is for some, an uphill task, to some living an average life causes them to despair. 

So many folks go through life complaining about how they desperately want to be in the high-performers class. Truth is not everyone can live up to that expectation, as the circle in itself is small and in most cases not welcoming.

To live average is a spot in which one can be fulfilling and happy without hurting oneself negatively.

Life to a larger extent comes in an average package for many, and the most of these many have learned and adjusted themselves to live with the situation they find themselves in comfortably; those we call super-humans in one sphere lack a lot and an even below average in other spheres.

Comparing Tiger Wood's professional golf life with his relationship life should give a clear picture of what being awesome in one arena and doing really bad in some other could mean; this boils down to the fact that one should find out where it is going in the right direction and where it is not, and find a level playground to glory in.

Build a bridge between the awesome and the not awesome, this way the sleek comes to the fore, opening a person up to improvements and self-development.

Pride and ego are two major pitfalls for mankind, learning to live an average life will rid one of excess pride and ego. 

A heart devoid of pride is one that is open to opportunities, it is one that will make a mistake and seek amends; for a person to live average is a sure road to a blissful life, even at the very height of success, it is imperative to apply moderation.

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