Monday, October 31, 2016


When buying one's flat screen TV what comes to mind and actually in budget is TV wall mount. This piece of accessory comes in 3 major forms, the full motion mount, tilt mount and a low profile mount.
The choice of picking which TV wall mount is suitable for the home or would match with one's flat screen TV is always an uphill task.
Meaning choosing a wrong type could result in utter frustration, as hours and hours of work could be put into installing it in vain which could result in one returning and beginning all over from the scratch.
What to look out for mostly is the TV wall mount which is easy to install, maximizes one's viewing potential; TV wall mounts should also add to the aesthetics of the home as it showcases the stunning designs of the user's TV.
Before taking that move to purchase, it is of importance that users take time out to gather as much information as possible on the various available types of TV wall mounts.

The articulating or full motion TV wall mounts allows users the ability to pull their TV from the wall and swivel it in whatsoever direction they wish. They are also given the freedom to tilt down, up and to also push back up against the wall anyway they wish. This type of TV wall mount, is perfect for corner fittings; they are also perfect for installing into old cabinets that were constructed to house a CRT TV. This designs are more expensive, more difficult to fit  and they can protrude from the wall for about 30 inches or more, while the inexpensive full motion TV wall mount can protrude for say 10 inches.
A tip about this type of TV wall mount is that one needs more cable length, because the TV wall mount will require the Flat screen TV to float away from the wall, an extension power cable would do.

The tilting TV wall mount is in most cases the best choice to fit, why because it mounts very near the wall. Many tilting TV wall mount models are usually considered low profile tilting.
This TV wall mount in actuality are more reliable as they carry the most weight. With this type of TV wall mount the TV does not have the liberty to move up and down on the wall, it only tilts up and down and it cannot be pulled in anyway from the wall.
Tip: The tilting TV wall mount is the superb choice if user's TV is being installed way up above eye level, it is usually the best choice for most fittings because it is less expensive and more reliable.

A low profile TV wall mount is used when one wants the TV to stay pinned to the wall. This type of TV wall mount neither tilts nor swivels, they are the cheapest types of TV wall mounts in the market but their disadvantage most times is that they backup so close to the wall that their cables wont sometimes plug in. Spacers are in most cases required to install it  so that the TV can sit some few inches away from the wall. Tilting TV wall mounts are basically recommended to install over low profile designs, but cables might in some case make the TV tilt up a little.

On a whole with the right amount of knowledge combined with what appropriately fits one's home design, one should pick not just about the right type but the perfect TV wall mount for their home; one which enhances and adds color to the aesthetics on one's home.

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