Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Every working class woman is and should be conscious of her skin's texture and glow as it is a doorway to her inner radiance which in turn translates into the confidence she exhibits in her daily work routine. Proper skin treatment and care gives the corporate woman a youthful, smoother and charming outlook to the world around her. Studies have also shown that a woman with a beautiful skin is smarter, sleeker and purposeful in dealing with clients and colleagues in the workplace.
The following under-listed products are a must have for every office going woman
1. Sun screen - The direct effect of the sun light on a woman's tender skin is rather damaging hereby making a sun screen cream important as it shields her from the direct impact of the sun's ultra violet rays.
2. Moisturizer - As its name implies a moisturizer is a cream that keeps her skin hydrated and glowing all day long, a perfect natural moisturizer is the coconut oil.
3. Toner - A Toner clears up, unclogs skin pores and removes excess oil from the face; daily use of this beauty product leaves the skin spotless and without blemish.
4. Facial wipes - These are used to carefully clean up make-up residue and dirt to prevent breakout of pimples or acne.
5. Talc Powder - This removes excess oil and sweat on the face; Talc powder is the most common skincare product every lady carries in her bag.
6. Cleanser - A facial cleanser is used to remove pollutants like oil, make-up residue and dead skin cell; a cleanser is applied using cotton wool to rub-out dirt from the skin
7. Facial Scrub - This is one of the most important skincare product a corporate must have, it exfoliates and remove dead skin residue revealing a more youthful and tender skin.
8. Serums - Serum tackles crucial concerns like wrinkles and pimples, it is applied as a topping after using a skin cleanser. Serums are preferred over facial oils because they are water based, this makes them compatible with all skin types even oily skins.
9. Concealer -    This is used to hide pimples, scars, eye-bags or even a black-eye therefore a lady with blemishes will find this handy as she can use this to enhance her looks. A concealer has different shades for different skin colours, it is advised user goes for appropriate shade for satisfactory results.
10. Face Mask - This is a very good way of treating the skin; when applied properly face mask is effective in removing dirt, excess oil, hydrating the skin and leaving it supple and even smoother.

Worthy of note is the fact that using skincare/beauty products is also subject to knowledge of the user's own specific skin type; also natural skincare product usage is advised over non-natural product which may have adverse effects on the user as it may be laden with harmful chemical substances, nevertheless proper application of the above skincare products leaves the user with a bright, glowing, youthful and blemish free skin.

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