Thursday, November 17, 2016


Situated in the Moroccan town of Ourrzazate, is the World's largest and most innovative solar power grid.

The NOOR I, sits massively at the edge of the Sahara desert; with 6000 acres to sit on at final completion in 2018, the Moroccan government is currently
working at expanding the project to NOOR II and NOOR III stages. NOOR I, a giant-sized solar farm can be seen from space and at final completion it is projected to produce an estimated 580 megawatts of power.

NOOR I has 500,000 40 feet tall curved mirrors which concentrate solar energy onto fluid filled pipeline, thereby heating it up to a massive 392.7 degrees Celsius which in turn in turn is directed to heat a nearby water source, this now turns to steam that spins turbines to generate energy. 

Interestingly Morocco, is blessed with about 3000 long hours of steady sunlight every year, this affords it the ability to harness the power generated by the NOOR I project to provide solar energy to an estimated 700,000 locals from around dawn till three to four hours after sunset.

In a bid to concentrate its focus on deriving about 45% of its power from renewable energy, the Moroccan government has estimated not less than 20 hours of steady power after the project has been completed.  

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