Sunday, November 20, 2016


The developmental stage of a growing child is very important to his or her welfare on the long run, making it imperative for quality diet to be fed the child regularly. The child's physical, social and mental outlook speaks a lot about what nutrition is given to them. Proper diet ensures a super healthy and radiant child.
Listed below are 4 foods that enhance the kid’s growth away from all of the junk given to kids these days to eat.

1. Milk:

Top of the food chain is for growing children is milk. Milk from cows and other diary bye products have a high nutrient capacity and its one of the most essential part of a growing child's diet. Milk enhances the growth of the child by making sure that children who it reach their optimal natural height, I also allows and maintains the child's bones and teeth by making them super healthy and strong.


Be it whole grain or bran, cereals are excellent sources of fiber for the growing child. The whole grain is preferable for children. Whole grain as it is known contains every part of the grain, its husk, germ or bran. Parents and guardians must be careful when selecting what cereal to feed their growing children, for example, the bran is removed from white grain processed foods and in here lies most of the cereals nutrients.

A list of cereal based foods to feed children with include:

. Bread

. Cooked Porridge

. Cereal flakes

. Bread (Crisp)

. Rice, pasta, barley etc.

3. EGGS:

Eggs are very important to the growth of a child as they are a rich source of protein, vitamin D, Omega 3, choline and zeazanthin. They maintain the texture of both toe and finger nails of the child, also it helps to regulate and improve the texture of the child's hair.


Cheese is one food the helps to trigger the appetite of a child to want to eat and enjoy other foods, a subsidiary of the milk family it remains a very high source of protein and it helps keep the kid’s mental capacity flowing.

Parents and guardians should ensure a well balanced diet for their kids. Growing children need to eat the above mentioned foods in small quantities and an amount of vegetables and fruits should be added to their diet. The well being of a child originates from the quality of balanced diet they eat.

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