Tuesday, December 13, 2016


The womenfolk want to look good at all times, sometimes a bit beyond the natural dimension to their beauty. Makeup is great but knowing its proper application can be awesome; beauty as  it is said lies in the eyes of the beholder but what if trying to look all cute
and perfect goes off-track into the wrong way. Inadvertently, outside of all the finery with cosmetic add-ons, focus should also be placed on keeping the skin's texture glowing always. Deliberate effort should made so as not to over paint of paint oneself in a shabby manner, thus defeating the purpose of applying the makeup in the first place. When applying makeup, folks should take to mind that one's makeup can pass a whole dossier of information to the world outside oneself.
Below is a helpful guide to proper application of make up for newbie.


A toner's basic duty in a makeup process is to clean the face up, regular application virtually leaves the skin free from blemish, as it unclogs dirt from skin pores, and  eliminates excess oil from the face; facial toner usually go for $9 - $10.


As its name implies, is a cream that prevents one's skin from hydrating or accumulating too much oil all through the day, best moisturizer pick of all times is the all natural coconut oil, its price varies with it quality, so it is best to find out from local stores.


Foundation is the framework or canvas in the artist's language on which the main course of the proposed makeup goes on. The foundation is a thinly based cream solution that is rubbed with one's own hand on the face, and spread to all corners before applying the main course, foundation creams cost between $5 and $30.


 Used to line beneath the eyes to hide spots, black eye or bags. They cost $7.19 to $10.


This special powder meant to that s applied to the face with puff foam and it is pressed into the face, while a little handy brush is used to prime it into shape. These go for $5 to $10.


This is used to add more animation to the cheeks, like a blush. Colors to be used on one's face for this part of the makeup should remain naturally toned. The cheek color typically goes for $3.


Lipsticks add that additional color and life to the lips, this is a pretty important part of makeup as users should know what color goes with the whole face's color scheme. Lipsticks vary in quality and types, some between $2 to the luxurious $155 brands.

With the above tailored beauty tips, first timers and amateurs should know exactly how to go about their own personal makeup creatively and with ease.

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