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Today's world is predominantly run on all sides by money, it is the basic item of exchange for both goods and services. Money is a powerful unilateral tool which enhances day to day existence as it places value on the worth of goods and services for an exchange of an item or record. Money can also be used to write off debts and the scientific analytical study of money of is called finance. Finance is method carefully managing money. Finance comes in handy when one needs
to save money for the rainy day, invest in projects and markets and putting away money for retirement purposes etc. This article primarily guides the reader as it fully covers the 5 best Android Finance Management Apps on the Google Play Store.


The Wallet aids its users plan, spread-out and track their spendings. Designed as a financial management tool, The Wallet allows its users the opportunity to be in full control of their money flow and business generally. The app manages its users account on a cross platform basis by monitoring their transaction across financial institutions, currencies, stocks, commodity trading, binary options, multiple currency transaction etc., users can upload their credit, debit, loyalty or reward cards to be in complete control of their every financial transaction. The app also delivers a spreadsheet report while tracking users vehicular, SME, vacation, wedding, education, travel, family, hobby and all other kinds of expenses while it allows users access to a number of wise decision taking financial plans which can spread-out up to 10 years. The BudgetBakers Wallet also delivers real-time bank updates over a securely encrypted channel when users link their bank to it. The app has over 3500 banks globally connected to their systems for safe, secure and automatic categorized transaction updates, thereby saving precious time. With it flexible budget plans BudgetBakers Wallet can aid its users to pay invest their money wisely, pay off huge debt, save and plan for retirement and help users change their financial situation through wise and careful money management schemes.


With its simple interface, MOBILLS, aids users to manage their budget and expenses online or offline. The app is in a class of its own when it comes to expense tracking as every punch of a button or swipe on the screen is synced automatically to the MOBILLS secure cloud server. Aside from being a budget planner, it also serves a bill reminder app that aid its users to create customized monthly budgets. Users are allowed to add expenses, track and be reminded of spendings, add different streams of income and get different financial spending plans to aid the flow of users' money. The app offers the following key features:

  • Adjusting of users' financial budget when needed. 
  • Automatic tracking of users' expenses with reminders and instant alerts. 
  • Outlines budget for users' car, travel, hobby, bills, family, birthday, leisure, wedding, holiday, surprise party and other expenses. 
  • Credit, Debit, Reward and Loyalty card management. 
  • Secure 128-bit encryption for all transactions on its platform. 
  • Adjust budget on the go whether online or offline with or without internet access. 
  • Users can automatically add income, transfers and expenses on the go 
  • These allows users the flexibility of being in complete control of their finances whenever and wherever.

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Users only have to add their expenses on Monefy, as the app picks it all up from there. Monefy is an expense tracker and budget planner that allows users the leverage to create, add and change records of their expenses while the app suggests budget planning options for uses to be in full control of their financial lives. Monefy comes complete with the following under listed key features:

  • Users are allowed to select their currency of choice. 
  • Monefy uses the DROPBOX server to sync uses data for secure and a larger database capacity. 
  • Adds new records almost automatically. 
  • Monefy has very classy widgets that can also be used even on users' Android smartphone lock screens. 
  • Users are allowed the leverage to either choose what period they need a detailed report on or what budget mode to apply in transactions. 
  • With one click users can backup, export and restore their data. 
  • Safe and encrypted platform that uses a passcode authentication. 
  • The app offers users a neat and well-informed spreadsheet and charts of their expense records. 
  • If the default categories do not offer users what they want, they can customize/personalize and manage categories to suit their financial budgeting needs. 
  • Easy-to-use and interactive interface with zero crash rate. 
  • Monefy has been translated in major languages across the world.

4. ZAIM: 

The Zaim app is a unique finance management app, which can be used for both personal and professional purposes. With its professional accounting interface, the Zaim app boasts of basic book-keeping and in-depth analytic features. On installation the app pops up with questions that allow users to decide, whether they need to use the app for professional or personal purposes. The finance management app offers users the following key features including:

  • Tracking of expenses across various platforms, so long these platforms are online. 
  • Because of the near complex interface of the app, beginners are offered a well detailed online help and D.I.Y assistance service via their customer service team. 
  • Because the app has to also handle a bit of professional accounting work, users a exposed to the world highly graphical analytic tools and instruments. 
  • Users have their data backed up and restored via Evernote automatically. 
  • Multi-users entry access for easy sharing of journals and records. 

  • Supports over 154 currency types globally including: US Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Yuan, Yen, Pound, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Russian Ruble, Taiwanese Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Won, Peso, Baht, Dong, Ruble, Indian Rupee, Real, South African Rand, Shekel, Ringgit, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone, NOK, Philippine Peso, Indonesian Rupiah, Mexican Peso among others. 
  •   Budget and expense tracking Card management Allow users to register financial institutions and stores where they both keep and spend their money. 

The Zaim app comes with very cool customizable icons, widgets and menus. It precisely records expenses, incomes and keeps a well detailed memo on all transactions. As a budget planner, the app suggests possible money saving and making tips to users. Stores uploaded as favorites can be searched for discounts and offers before users make purchases as the app is connected to major stores globally. Users have the power to create, edit and delete expense and budget categories. Be it for shopping, vacation, vehicle, real estate, education, family, business etc., users can track their expenses from the comfort of the Zaim app.

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Coinkeeper is one of the most popular and downloaded finance management apps on Google Play Store till date, although the app is free to download, most of its services at a point have to be paid for at different subscription stages. Coinkeeper is a full-action personal finance income, bills, budget management and expense tracker. With a very innovative and interactive design, the app offers a very easy finance management platform that even a child can understand, use and explore. Coinkeeper basically tackles the following aspect of its users' finances, like:
  Where, how and on what its users can spend less money. Know exactly how, what and where their money goes to. Planning users' income and managing possible unforeseeable expenses which were not in sight. Increase users financial base and wealth.

Most coinkeeper users know firsthand on a monthly basis what their total personal, family and business expenditure will look like in advance. The app makes provision for debt management and a support system for all currencies globally. With its detailed statistic Coinkeeper offers users who wish to print out hard-copy of their financial statements and report the opportunity to export spreadsheets professionally in CSV document format. The app runs on a 128-bit security encryption platform which allows users to enjoy safe and secure transaction with code-lock protection. Reminders are important in finance management this also, users can get on the app along with a dedicated server sync on registration which allows users to both backup and restore their account on the go from anywhere and at any time. Users can use charts and detailed analytic statistics to get an in-depth knowledge of their financial situation. With a standby support crew, the app offers newbies tutorials and an active help-center in case of difficulties. Coinkeeper also affords users the leverage of incisive financial budget options which come with financial goals i.e save for retirement, mortgage, insurance or investment, also the app step-by-step guides users on how to walk out of debt. Card management and bank sync is also offered on Coinkeeper. 

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