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With a reputation for being the most popularly used smartphone operating system worldwide, the Android platform in its wake revolutionized interaction between man and mobile phones. The Android Operating System ushered mobile phone users into the realm of fluidity, versatility and an enhanced gadget-to-man interactive experience. A larger percentage of smart phone users have their devices powered by the Android OS. Using it affords users and developers alike the vast opportunity of customizing their smart phones to make them more productive. 

Love has been a word and experience since the inception of man, it cuts across all religions and race globally. The definition which all of mankind can attest to as the one real meaning of love, is when anyone has strong feeling(s) of affection, which also translates to having a vast interest, desire, pleasure and attraction for something. Whether we as humans like it or not we have loved at a certain point in our lives, this article will dwell on a type of love that exists between two matured fellows of either the same or opposite sex and that form of love is called romantic love. Romantic love can be termed as a feeling experienced in an innately excited mood which most times is mysterious but aligns fully with love. Romance is associated with sexual desire and drive which erupts rather very sentimental feelings towards the opposite sex or some cases same sex.
Romance or love affairs can happen virtually anywhere, not minding the platform of communication. In this day and time where the Internet has influenced every part of human existence, a person's romantic life is not left out. With a lot of dating websites on the Internet today, lovers have gotten to connect to their partners through such websites. Living in more or less an Android smart phone infested society, young men who sometime are too shy to walk up to a woman and profess love to her, have found a rather more convenient way of achieving this feat, just by the press of a button or through a couple of gestures on their smart phones. Many dating services have actually vacated the web for Android Apps. Most reliable dating services can now be used via Android Apps and can be download on Google Play Store. Most of these Apps are free while some are premium (paid) services.

Listed below are 10 free Dating Services one can download via Google Play Store:


Is a free dating service that falls among the easiest to use Android dating apps. HitWe is not designed like the traditional matchmaking dating site, it is more of an instant messaging app that connects like-minded people who wish to strike a love affair online. The App allow sending of photos and GIFs, has inbuilt game elements, scam protection and matchmaking chatrooms. The HITWE App runs a multi-layer security platform that keeps users' data including photos, videos and text all safe from external unlawful intrusion.


This is one of the best Android dating apps out there free for download. Zoosk more like a social media community of amorous lovers. It bagged WalletHub's 'Best Dating App of 2016' The works indigenously by matchmaking users with people in their locality. Zoosk is among the few dating Apps that come intact with the latest technology called 'Behavioral Matchmaking'. It also has a chat platform where users can exchange messages and photos.


This free app is one boundless app that allows users unlimited messaging capabilities. The app is both a matchmaking and chat platform with no hidden paid subscriptions. Local and international matchmaking is available on the Mingle2 App.

4. MOCO:

Moco is one app that has been in the business of winning laurels. All its developers have done is push the limits of traditional chat platforms. MOCO comes with additional elements and feature for frequents users of its chatrooms. MOCO ranks among the world best social media websites, its app is only a translation of the work put into the web platform. MOCOSPACE app offers users multiplayer games which are engaging and fun.

5. MEET4U:

This app is a simple interface chat app which offers real-time matchmaking services via filling quick forms. Free to download, MEET4U allows its users the opportunity of exchanging unlimited videos, voice, photos and messages. The app matchmakes locally and internationally.

6. MEET24:

The MEET24 app is popular for its smooth peer-to-peer voice messaging which has a matchmaking service attached to it. It is free to download but has very strict community regulations and guidelines. All MEET24 app users are being monitored closely against community strikes like profanity, nudity, spam and other inappropriate content. The app allows its users to exchange photos, video and text messages.

7. iPAIR:

iPair is basically a free chat app with matchmaking features. With over 10 million downloads, the app stands as one of the best dating chat platforms on Google Play Store. IPair is one app that has a lot of the teen age-group flooding its platform. iPair also offers a local matchmaking service which links users back to its chat system.


FASTMEET follows the traditional dating website/app pattern and has a large following. 100% free to use, the app offers users the opportunity to exchange photos and videos. FASTMEET is one matchmaking service that is actually fun to use as users are allowed to use cool widgets and elements to express their innate amorous desires. Innovation is what users meet when using the FASTMEET app as it boasts of changeable skins and upgradable plugins which enhance the features of the Android app.


LOVOO is a free dating app which matches people in the same locality and abroad. The app allows only messaging and photo sharing on its chat platform. LOVOO is one app that promotes the flirt concept more than coming on its platform to find a long-term relationship. No wonder the app boasts of over 50 million downloads (You are left to be the judge). Most online dating expert term the LOVOO app as the hit-and-run-dating-app.

10. JAUMO:

Is a new-age dating app that is 100% free to use. The app is well known for its near encryption like platform. Security and privacy is a priority when it comes to using JAUMO. The app incorporates a chat platform along with a matchmaking service which brings locals from the same vicinity together. The security platform on the Jaumo app works nearly three layers deep. Most Android smartphone users who seek to hide their online identity but also seek to find love often times, opt for the JAUMO app.


OKCUPID boasts of a pretty large community of love seekers. 100% free to use, make sure that its members are asked more detailed questions which go beyond the usual forms given to new users to fill. OKCUPID uses details provided by its members to precisely match them for friendship, flirting and dating purposes. Its developers believe that with a rich background profile, stronger relationships are built and more success stories come to life.


The MAMBA dating app boasts of a predominantly chat-based system which incorporates a full-fledged matchmaking service. On installation of the app and registration as a MAMBA member, users must fill into their profile information goals for joining the MAMBA Dating community. With an innovative chat platform or MAMBA Messenger, MAMBA Developers seek to enhance its members dating experience by allowing different activities to its members who are above 18 years old and above. MAMBA members have to choose two or three options from the goals listed below on completing their profile.
a. Meet new friends and acquaintances, b. just online chat and fast flirting, c. Start new relationship, d. Do sports or travel together, e. Romantic date, f. Getting married.
By providing an analytic answer to the above goal oriented questions, the MAMBA developers seek to make communication between its members more effective.


TOPFACE is a dating app with some few unique features. Although designed like other native Android dating apps, TOPFACE boast of matching its members it the shortest possible time after registration. After users registering for a personal account on TOPFACE meeting one's new friend, flirt or date happens in less than 5 minutes. The app which is 100% free to use is quite very easy to use as registration is usually without stress and having an email address is not a priority as users can register using their Facebook account and link up with their romantic date in a just minutes after installing the app on their smartphones.

14. MEET-ME:

Meet-Me from its design set is a geo-location social media network for lovers. Complete with all of the features of a full social media app or website, MEET-ME comes complete with chat, flirt, make friends, matchmaking and dating service online. The app work directly with either the GPS or A-GPS function of its users' smartphone to pair them with nearby people in their locality. The MEET-ME Dating app boasts of allowing its members to see who checked and has been consecutively checking or stalking their profile this is a unique feature in itself as the app is 100% free to download and use. MEET-ME, also allows its users to check private photos of other members when they get to a certain high stage as members, also chat is free to use for registered members and users who share akin interests are connected almost immediately on the MEET-ME chat platform.

15. SAYHI:

In a class of its own, SAYHI comes with certain unique features which stands it out from other Android dating apps found on the Google play store. SAYHI firstly is 100% free to use and allows users a customized Text message service complete with emojis. The app also offers the following features:
  • High Speed HD Video Chat
  • Voice Messages
  • Photos taken directly
  • Exquisite gift to active members
  • Message status check, that notifies when messages are delivered
  • Indepth details of when users are online or offline
  • Distance of users, interests and profile Unhindered access
  • Comes with exponential plugins for more interactive features on the apps.
  • Vivid Emojis installed into the app
  • Free access to change app skin into different looks
SAYHI like other Android dating apps is basically a matchmaking and dating service which incorporates a chat system but connects members based on their geolocational information.


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  2. Online dating should be another way for you to meet real people, and look for true love and friendship. Don't fall into the trap of using it as a crutch, or a way to hide from the world.