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Being the most popular smart phone operating system, the Android OS, offers certain unique features which other operating systems don't. One of these is power to customize almost anything on-screen so long as one can find their way around doing it. Trending now for Android users is the use of Launchers, these apps can change almost everything from the look, design and sounds on a users Android phone from what it originally came with from its manufacturers. This article lists 20 of the worlds most accepted and downloaded free Android Launchers.

The Android mobile operating system is today, the world's most popular mobile OS. Programmed with the Linux code language, the Android OS is widely accepted because of its fluidity, versatility and customizable features. More than half the mobile phone users worldwide now use Android phones. Because of the customizable nature of the Android OS and its versatility, Android phone users can now tweak their mobile phones after purchase. Tweaking the Android OS to do lot's more is not illegal, as the operating system was designed to in actual fact as an open-source developer's kit. Many Android users today can now change the whole outlook of their mobile phone design from tabs, to menus, to players to even gestures and the general behavior of their Android phone. This in itself has made the Android OS a super productivity tool in the hands of its users. With the technological advancements and fast paced upgrade of the Android OS, many developers and companies have released into the App market various launchers for the Android OS. Android App Launchers give the phone a whole new set of out-of-this-world interactive themes, widgets and menus that would not originally come with their mobile phones.

This article will focus on the 10 best Android App Launchers on the Google Play Store: 

1. Microsoft Launcher:

(Formerly called Arrow Launcher)

First on the list is the official App Launcher from Microsoft Corporation called the Microsoft Launcher. Until recently it was called 'Arrow  Launcher'; the unique feature about this app launcher its stealth-like versatility and availability in all major languages worldwide. The Microsoft launcher also offers a cloud server storage facility for its users.

2. TSF Launcher

TSF launcher offers a very cute interface with its 3D design and fluidity. It has subverted the long standing traditional home screen design layout, with its efficient on-screen elements and customizable 3d interactive widgets.

3. CM Launcher

A product of Cheetah Mobile Inc., the CM Launcher comes with more personalization features with over 1000+ 2D and 3D free items ready for download to customized users phones.

4. Solo Launcher

Solo Launcher is quite easy to use with its simple but elegant themes, the Solo Launcher is one of the world's most downloaded Android App Launchers which comes with its own OS clean booster and innovative locker plugins.

5. HOLA Launcher

Hola Launcher is a best known for its simple interface design which comes with lots of themes and wallpapers. The launcher also comes with speed booster, battery saver, app manager and charge protector.

6. C Launcher

The C Launcher comes with a unique encryption 3D secure platform packed with themes, wallpapers and smart clean functions. The C Launcher ensures that the mobile phone it runs on uses less energy as its battery optimizer is effective. Among its themes is a very classical set of windows 7 themes and wallpapers.

7. Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher comes with an optimized faster live wallpapers, themes and widgets. Has a customizable search bar with a DIY home screen management, re-designable folders, widgets and a backup/restore platform for users' phone.

8.  APUS Launcher:

APUS Launcher comes with beautiful themes, wallpapers and widgets. The launcher offers a very efficient boost system, battery saver, charging protector, APUS Search, APUS Know, APUS Discovery and other cool functions. It also comes complete with an effective security platform to hide apps and log taking of unauthorized access.

9. ZERO Launcher

Zero Launcher is an innovative launcher with a powerful 3D interface. It comes with cool 3D effects, animations, device RAM optimization and an effective lock screen to protect against intruders.

10. NEON 2 Launcher

Neon 2 is a cool app launcher that comes with HD Wallpapers, HD backgrounds and very colorful themes. The launcher features a classic home screen and an all innovative on-screen photo edit and social media sharing platform for convenience. Users should note that although the Neon 2 Android Launcher delivers pure HD quality live wallpapers, backgrounds and themes, the launcher is light weight and does not in any way affect the general operation of apps either to slow it down or crash it altogether, in anyway.


The New-LAUNCHER 2017 app is an Android app launcher that comes with classic stylized themes and customizable features which includes:

  • Change App Icons
  • Full HD Wallpapers
  • Super fast launcher
  • Anti freeze and crash platform
  • Free personalization features

The NEW-LAUNCHER is in a class of its own when it comes to launchers.

12. NOVA Launcher:

The NOVA is one the most downloaded AOSP-stylized launchers. It is a very customizable and its homescreen design is one of a kind. A high performance driven Android launcher, the NOVA comes complete with icon themes, subgrid-like positioning, on-screen color control systems, customizable App drawers, A scrollable app dock, import layout and the app launcher is very innovative, fast and responsive. The NOVA launcher has a secure and safe backup and restore system via its dedicated cloud server used to keep away users files and folders for whenever they are needed.

13. XOS Launcher:

The XOS Launcher is the official Android Launcher for the Infinix brand of smartphones. Its highly customizable features is what endears it to its numerous users globally. The XOS Launcher allows its users the opportunity to customize it the way they want it to be; users can also apply their favorite themes, wallpapers, and even organize users apps in folders almost automatically. The XOS Launcher comes with:

  • Infinite scroll
  • Customizable App Drawer
  • Vertical and horizontal scrolling
  • Widget drawer
  • Import Layout
  • Widgets in dock

This classy Launcher is highly optimized to work efficiently, quickly and quietly without hanging or crashes whatsoever, the much improvised app keeps animations smooth thereby allowing users to use their smartphones as fast as they can use their fingers.

14. Blackberry Launcher:

This is the official Android app launcher from the makers of Blackberry smartphone devices. The Blackberry launcher comes with its own custom apps, some of which you can find on most blackberry smartphones or on the Blackberry HUB+. The Blackberry Android app launcher comes complete with the following unique features: Use SMS+Email as one task with just one touch. BlackBerry Launcher organizes apps, widgets and shortcuts on customized home screen panels for instant access. BlackBerry® Pop-Up Widgets allows users to view all App widgets by simply swiping up or down across the displayed icons on the home screen, allowing users fast and easy access to whatever information is needed, when it is needed. Users are allowed to add shortcuts to the home screen for adding notes, tasks, contacts and calendar events real easy and quick. Allows users to use network connectivity tools like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and wireless WLAN networks toggle-shortcuts to conserve battery and prohibit data misuse. Users can Customize the look and feel of their smart phones using custom icons, themes packs, HD wallpapers, and customizable ring tones.

15. Lollipop Launcher:

Lollipop Launcher meets the needs of most Android smart phone users as it makes users phones faster and more powerful. It allows users to customize their launcher with free themes and wallpapers. The Lollipop Launcher is a multi-language app that is available globally and has been translated efficiently into different major languages worldwide. The Lollipop Launcher helps its users to create customizable home-screen panels on your Android smart phone devices. It allows users to Change themes, layouts, icons and even animations seamlessly. Folder drawers. Home-screen notifications for unread calls, sms, gmail and all other apps. Innovative desktop gestures like: i.   Pinch in/out ii.  Two Finger Swipe iii. Double-tap iv.  icon up/down swipe All new animated transition effects. Widgets/icon overlap.

16. Sense Home Launcher:

Sense Home Launcher is the official Android App launcher from the makers of HTC Smart phone devices. Used on HTC and other Android phones, the Sense Home Launcher incorporates the powers of getting informed with powerful HTC themes to give its users a unique experience. Using the HTC's custom news gathering feature called BlinkFeed, the launcher delivers news and media content custom to what its users will want to appear on their newsfeed. BlinkFeed also incorporates an organizer for user's social media account which allows their time-line on any of such accounts to appear seamlessly on their homescreen also a direct RSS Feed delivery to users phones. With its powerful and classy designed, the App's themes and icon packs which are customizable come with full HD quality wallpapers, background photos, sounds and thrilling colors.

17. SquareHome 2:

This is one Android UI smart phone launcher that boasts of a high security platform. It uniquely boasts of the only app that comes complete with the Metro UI (Windows 10). The app also has the following features:
  • Beautifully designed tile effects
  • Tile notification display
  • Quick and easy access to users contacts, photos, videos, notes etc.
  • App/ Widget drawer
  • Metro system UI with tablet support
  • Vertical and horizontal scrolling
SquareHome 2 launcher can be used efficiently on both tablet, mobile phones and TV box. The app uses device admin access for screen-lock features.

18. Computer Launcher:

Computer Launcher on inception was the only App launcher that allowed its users the flexibility of using the desktop of a computer as the customizable theme on their Android smart phones. Using Windows PC themes, the app uses custom Windows features like Network sharing of files over WIFI or LAN or FTP, Full Windows PC layout design, Multi-function locks screen, Android tablet and TV support, Custom weather and Calender features, multiple themes and icon packs.

19. Atom Launcher:

This is one app launcher with really unique features.
  • Home-screen copy and paste from other Android App launchers.
  • App Subgrids/Grids./
  • Dock bar with easy access to a list of user's favorite apps.
  • Icon customization/settings
  • Dock drawer/bar
  • Dedicated cloud server which allows users to both backup and restore their data.
  • The App has been translated into all of the major languages spoken globally.
  • Gestures which allows very easy control of launcher via swipe up and down, pinch in and out and double tap gestures.
The Atom app also utilizes strict security measures. The app blocks unrestricted access to a device via various on-screen security parameters.

20. Line Launcher:

Line launcher is the official launcher from LINE Chat developers. Line Launcher boasts of its own range of beautiful stickers to use in chat messengers etc., has a massive 3000+ trendy and classy themes which includes HD wallpapers and icons. The Line Android launcher takes customization of themes, apps and widgets to another level as it allows users a D.I.Y experience. The disadvantage of this launcher is that it is not compatible with all Android operating systems. The Line launcher is only compatible with Android OS 4.0.3 and later versions. Aside from OS compatibility issues, this launcher allows for quick and easy navigation by allowing users to instantly launch any widget or app from either search or its custom alphabetized app drawer. Line launcher also offers users an awesome personalization experience of their smart phone theme with its  import and customizable wallpaper, layouts, app icons and icon sizes.

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