Monday, October 16, 2017


One of the most recognized global unifying forces is music. Music is a medium of communication which uses sound and structured within the ambiance of time. The major elements of music are pitch whichcontrols what we can relate to as melody and harmony, rhythm is also another major component of music which works hand in hand with tempo, articulation and meter, another major element of music which cannot be sidelined is dynamics which basically controls the sonic frequency and timbre or loudness of the entirety of the music produced and lastly, texture is also a fundamental element which most people refer to as the colour of music produced. Music is an art form that cuts across all cultural settings globally and everyone can at one point or another in their day to day business runnings, relate to or make an exchange musically either through dancing, singing, playing an instrument or just wagging the head humming along.
Music generally is performed with an array of instruments in consortium with voice application which takes different turns and techniques from rapping to singing while some musical performances just focus on either instruments or pure vocals.

This article, in turn, will focus on the instrumental angle to music and its application in today's fast-paced world through the advanced technology we all hold in our hands. 

A musical instrument is simply a tool or instrument created to make musical sounds, now here is the jerk, any object which produces sound frequencies are considered a musical instrument and when it is adapted to specification is when it is considered a full-fledged musical instrument.

Musical instruments can be traced back to the inception of human culture, although they served basically ritualist purposes way back then with such instruments as the horns or trumpets which were used as a tool for sometimes a call to worship etc. Not until later in human civilization was music adapted for entertainment purposes and the first device to be considered an entertainment musical instrument historically, was the flute.

 Today, musical instruments serve various important purposes and its uses cuts across all human culture in existence from the drums, piano, trumpets, saxophones, accordion. guitar, horns, clarinet, double bass, maracas, conga, harp, oboe etc.
Every human alive today in one or another loves music, although we all might not be able to produce music using rudimentary musical instruments we all overlook a part of our daily lives which follow us virtually everywhere we go today, talking about our smartphones. Truth be told, everyone today can produce music; yes, I mean everyone. It is no longer news that the Android operating system is the most popular operating system globally and what most Android smartphone users do not know is that they have in their pockets the all-encompassing power to make music to their taste and for their consumption.

The Android platform today remains one of the most malleable and customizable operating systems in the world, meaning users have the power to create their own content, the way they want it and when they want it quite easily. 

Music lovers worldwide reading this article should know that it does not take all the tedious hours of intensive training to know how to play a musical instrument right on their Android mobile phones, notwithstanding learning to play a musical instrument rudimentarily still majors over knowing how to get it done on one's smartphone.

Below is a list of various musical instrument apps one can download and use on Android smartphones for free from the Google Play Store:

1. REAL FLUTE: The Real Flute App is in a class of its own with its near-life flute playing experience. Users are ushered into the world of advanced Android technological symmetry as the App allows users to hold their phone horizontally like a flute with the actual dynamics of a real flute onscreen and blow air to simulate a real flute playing experience. The App can be used by amateurs and professionals alike and newbies can learn within a short time how to play their favorite songs on the App. The App is a whole new experience worth trying, it also comes with note recording and playback.

2. REAL PIANO: The Real Piano App is a great pick for Android users because of its wide array of features. As a piano App, it boasts of an awesome sound quality that can also be used to crystal clear studio recordings which also means users can use their Android smartphone to host a large audience live concert as the users can onscreen use the Real Piano App to play live music. Fitted with Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Synth, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Synth Bass, Strings, Horns, Clav, Harpsichord, Toy Organ, Banjo, Accordion, Sitar, Vibraphone, Flute, Vocals and Sax sounds.

 3. REAL DRUMS (Beat Maker Pad Incl.) Real Drums is one of the most downloaded drum beat Apps on Android today. The App holds all the drum types required to be the full-fledged drummer from snare, electric pad, to tom-tom, to bass, to percussions all complete. The App can be used by both amateurs and professional drummers alike and for newbies, constant practice and little bit more effort can bring success in the long run. Also embedded in the App are songs that can be played along too and the awesome ride, cowbell, cymbals, crash, hi-hat effects cannot be ignored as the App also has ethnic drums like the congas, bongos etc., embedded into it.

4. REAL XYLOPHONE: A product of Tenor Apps, the Real Xylophone App is ranked tops among Google Play Store musical instruments as it comes with a real to life xylophone play experience. With easy to learn features for newbies and an interactive interface for professionals the App is a must-have for xylophone music lovers.

5. GUITARS (MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SET) First on the list is this awesome app from NETIGEN Games Developers. Outstanding for the fact that it does not just contain a single guitar available for use but an array of guitars ranging from the acoustic to the electric, to the classic, the nylon even the hard rock guitar all embedded into one App. The App is designed to be effectively used by both newbies, amateur and professional guitarists alike. Another notable factor about the App is its all too similar natural guitar sounds, it furnishes its user with the same sounds as the real guitar with excellent sound quality playback. For the guitar freaks, this App is one of the best guitar simulator Apps on the Google Play Store.

6. ALL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: This App by ZeeFee Entertainment is a library or compilation of all widely used musical instruments including the violin, piano, cello, accordion, guitar, oboe, bass guitar, piano, saxophone, trombone etc. Users are allowed to either listen to each of the instruments on auto-mode or by themselves churn out their own music manually. A significant feature of the App is the super fast response time on-touch which allows for an awesome user experience and excellent sound quality.

7. Instrument Tuner: Every instrumentalist knows the place of musical instrument tuning in producing good music. This App comes in handy to salvage the stress that instrumentalists go through sometimes looking for other instruments to tune theirs. This App is a highly accurate portable chromatic tuner. The App allows users to tune virtually any instrument with a high-end precision of (up to ±1/100 semitone (±1 cent) precise) and a wide range that covers A0 (27.50 Hz) – C8 (4186.01 Hz). The App comes loaded with the following features: Wide Detection Range (A0-C8). Optimized Sound/Tone Generator. Specific instruments Tuning Modes.

8. VIRTUAL TRUMPET: Virtual Trumpet is a trumpet simulator which allows users to play the musical instrument on their Android smartphones. It is an easy to learn App for newbies and a handy App for both amateurs and professionals alike. With similar high quality sounds to the real trumpet users can use the App to sharpen up on their trumpet playing skills.

9. REAL BASS: The Real Bass App from Kolb Developers simulates a real electric bass guitar with similar sounds and dynamics. The App is designed for newbie, amateur and professional use. The App comes with real electric guitar sound effects like the slap, pick, distort, fingered, acoustic and synthesized electric bass guitar sounds and the audio output of the App can be used in the studio. The App can be used for live music sessions and these same sessions can be recorded. The Real Bass App comes with easy and professional play-along songs that will make the user a genius in no time.

10. RHYTHM TEACHER (MUSIC BEATS): This App teaches users how to merge timing with their instrument play in style and perfection. The App in a fun way teaches users how to read music and also learn to play any musical instrument of their choice. Although users have to put in some patience and concentration, the App will, in the end, impart useful knowledge to its studious users.


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