Tuesday, February 19, 2019


The level of creativity today is totally off-the-hook.

Before the advent of the computer-age, decorative art (which has to do with the designing and manufacture of really beautiful visual objects which are functional) had to be fully sketched out or hand-drawn to interpret the concept. Decorative arts as we now
know it is the general name given to the following creative works of art, namely:

  • Fine Arts
  • Interior Design
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Sculpture

All of the above listed decorative art forms have their various usefulnesses at different levels in every aspect of human existence today. Design, as we all know, takes different forms and today, technology has aided to advance the decorative arts in more ways than one. Today the power to create has elevated above sitting for hours in front of a low-RAM computer to carry out, for example, a design sketch to the awesome ability to be able to use one's Android smartphone to achieve highly creative design feats. Unarguably the world's most popular operating system, the Android OS comes with power to deliver high definition designs within a very short timeframe. Renown for its interactive and fluid gadget-to-user capabilities, the Android OS is today used to get decorative art projects done quite effortlessly and effectively.

This article is a guide for Android smartphone users to know what Top 10 Apps on the Google Play Store can execute both simple and complex design projects without breaking both sweat and pocket.

1.Infinite Design: This App from Infinite Studio Mobile Developers belongs to a class of its own as it can be used to achieve so much. The App comes with an elaborate onscreen pan, zoom and rotates canvas which has an intelligent and interactive intuitive path for editing. The App when in use can carry out Boolean operations with an added object alignment and distribution function. With a text-on-path function, the App allows users a text tool that can function vertically, horizontally and in a circular form. Complete with high-end tools, the Infinite Design App allows users to experiment with four different types of its already inbuilt symmetry designs which also come fitted with unlimited layers, undo function, history cache, and start-to-finish scrub through. Users can sketch out in-app 3D cityscapes with five pre-installed perspective and panoramic guides.

2. DESYNER: This graphic design and royalty free photos app make it quite simple for designers to achieve a lot. The App has been known to effectively execute photoshop and other PC software-like projects with precision. Ready with fun add-ons which allow users to add to their design projects. The App comes with an editable royalty free image bank which users can use to add taste and color to their design projects.

3. LOGO MAKER PLUS: Logo Maker Plus a brainchild of Logopit Developers is a powerful graphic design generator and tool. The App allows users to create uniquely original designs and logos using thousands of editing and generated graphic elements. The App as we speak is widely used by professionals in the graphic design industry to a achieve high definition feats.

4. ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR DRAW: An award-winning App, the Adobe Illustrator Draw is one powerful tool in the hands of a highly creative designer as its design creation, editing and delivery are unique and original. Users are allowed to create vector art projects with both pre-installed or custom images and drawing layers which can be synced to the PC version of both Adobe Illustrator CC or its sister software Adobe Photoshop. The App comes with a cloud service that allows users to store away or retrieve their projects securely O.T.A without stress. The App also offers users the wide option of using royalty free images from its huge collection.

5. SKETCHBOOK: SketchBook is an awesome draw and paint App which allows users to enjoy the world of intuitive drawing and painting. One does not need to be a professional to be able to harness the power of this design tool. The App provides users with pencils and a paint engine that delivers high-end illustrations on an easy to use interface. The App is interactive and allows users to record their painting projects stage-by-stage. The App boasts of a rather synthetic pressure sensitivity and comes with a 2500% zoomable pane. Users can enjoy customizable pens, markers, and pencils with over 10 pre-installed brushes. The Apps canvas which is actually a fullscreen workspace comes with 3 different layers and an editor for each.

6. AUTOCAD: The AutoCAD DWG viewer and Editor for Android by Autodesk is a mobile version of the popular Architectural drawing software on PC AutoCAD. The power to be able to draw or edit an architectural plan on-the-go is quite achievable with the AutoCAD App. The App is designed to also sync with the AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT PC version. It functions fully offline and the mobile version comes with a more interactive and easier to understand interface.

7. PHONTO: Easy to use text on picture tool, the Phonto App is a photographer and brand designs specialist's best design tool. The App boasts of over 200 fonts and has an option for users to install their own custom fonts. The App allows users to customized virtually everything on a photo billed for editing. The beauty of the App is that on finishing each project, users can render and download their finished projects in HD without losing the quality of the end product.

8. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS: This App is a very valuable tool for designers who work in the photography industry. The App which is the mobile version of the popular PC software Adobe Photoshop stands out as one of the best photo editing tools on the Google Play Store today. The App which boasts of 60 different professional photo editing themes, has the full working capacity of the Photoshop CC for PC. Complete with an array of functions and tools, users must be conversant with working with the PC version of the App to be able to fully harness it to execute design projects.

9. FASHION DESIGN SKETCHES: Here is something for the fashion world, the Fashion Design Sketches App by Ethereal Free App developers is an authority App in the drawing of fashion sketches. Fashion designers now turn to the App for ease of piecing together their creative ideas and bring it to life onscreen. The App comes with a detailed tutorial for newbies, while it has an array of illustrations for professionals to pick from, the App helps amateurs to go about drawing either female or male figures. The App also tutors its users on all there is to know about figure proportion and patterns.This App makes users become better at fashion designing as it practically allows for interaction and versatility.

10. CARTOON ART PICS PHOTO EDITOR: This App is for social media freaks and photo editing professionals who need to quickly turn a photo into a 2D cartoon character or artwork. The App comes with powerful filters which allow this feat to be achievable. The App boasts of 30 different effects in cartoon mode. The camera function of the App allows direct capture which can automatically appear in-app as a cartoon. Aside from being able to turn photos into cartoon, the App also turns photos into artwork paintings with a high-end resolution.

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