Sunday, May 13, 2018


As we all know, transcription is simply typing straight from an audio/speech file or dictation. Transcription services today have become large businesses that recruit workers globally or within a certain geolocation to convert speech ( recorded or live) to electronic text file/document. Basically, the transcription industry services both
the legal, radiology, business or medical worlds. Traditionally, transcription is turning spoken speech into a computer recognized text file which can be printed and filed, most times as a hardcopy report. Transcription is useful for court proceedings, seminars, medical related voice notes, conventions, speech ceremonies, radiology and special events. The recorded at the above mention is then contracted to a transaction agency or service which returns a completed filed hardcopy or softcopy text of the audio files.

Before the 1970s when there were no portable recording devices in mass circulation, company secretaries or contracted transcriptionists had to be on-site to write down speech as they heard it being said, which in most cases had its own disadvantages. With the circulation of the cassette or tape recorders in the late 1970s, transcription took a new turn. Today, with all of the various massive advancements in technology, transcription is more accurate and takes up less time for more audio projects to get converted to text files.

Transcription services today have become mass employers of labor globally. Most people who work from home today, make most of their income from transcribing as transcription agencies or services pay the highest when it comes to working online.

 It is advised that would-be or newbie transcribers should put in a good amount of time into practicing, as this will become an ace when earning with transcription.

Transcribers globally make between $10 to $70 per audio hour depending on their speed, accuracy, efficiency and the level of time they put into it. The prospective transcriber should know that transcription is one of the most flexible online jobs as recruits for whichever transcription agency or service have the power to dictate their own pace and work time. 

Below are 5 transcription services that recruit transcribers globally and pay well.

1. REV: Rev is one company that cuts across recruiting just transcribers, the company also recruits captioners and translators. Rev pays between $10 to $60 per audio hours and recruits globally. Working for REV comes with a major hurdle which lies in its sample audio test, CLICK HERE to get the full transcribed (REV stylized) text of the audio test and you can also LISTEN TO THE AUDIO TEST HERE to confirm the text file's accuracy.

2. TranscribeMe: TranscribeMe is one service that suits the newbie or rookie as it gives space for maturing gradually in the industry. TranscribeMe pays $0.33 per audio minutes and about $25 per audio hour. The company recruits globally and allows its international workforce to be part of every project dispensed.

3. CastingWords: Casting Words recruits transcribers globally but exempt a couple of countries, the sole reason being that because they pay via PayPal, they hire workers from PayPal operational countries. The company pays between $0.60 to $1.30 depending on the quality of the completed project turned in.
Working for CastingWords comes with a major hurdle which primarily lies in its transcription audio test, CLICK HERE to get the full transcription (CastingWords Accepted Format) text of the audio test and you can also LISTEN TO THE AUDIO TEST HERE to confirm the text file's accuracy.

4. AppenScribe: This is one company that pays per word and issues out payments every two weeks. The company is a place where beginners can develop themselves into pro transcribers with materials and content to that effect. AppenScribe pays $0.50 per word and hires workers globally.

5. SCRIBIE: Scribie recruits globally and pay between $10 to $45 per audio hour. The company pays recruits a $10 bonus if they do more than 3 hours of audio work within a month and all payments are issued out via PayPal.


3Play Media: 3Play Media has a clause when it comes to its test, recruits must be able to reach an average typing speed of 75 Words Per Minute (WPM) during the test phase to be able to be part of the team. The company pays between $30 to $80 per audio hour, which largely depends on the projects executed. Being one of the highest paying transcription services globally, the company officially recruits U.S only residents but international transcribers who wish to work for the company can still do so using a VPN service, as the company pays via PayPal.





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