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Events can also be termed as 'occasion' and can be pieced into various popular categories which all and sundry can at one point or another in their lives connect with or relate to. Below are various events and as a reader what one has to know specifically about each andsundry:

1. Party: 

This can be described as an invited collection of people who gather for the sole purpose of recreation, socializing, for festivity or simply just for conversation. Prominent in parties is the availability of food, drinks, entertainment, and fun. There are various types of parties ranging from tea, cocktail, surprise, birthday, reception, dinner, garden, Christmas, fancy/costume, teen/youth, and fundraising party.

2. Ceremony:

Can be termed as events performed on special occasions with solely ritualistic purposes. The following are ceremonial events: puberty, graduation, union, awarding, retirement, funeral, birth, adulthood (social), initiation, marriage.

3. Festival: 

This is an event solely tied to a community's celebration which sometimes hinges on either social, traditional or religious background. Some festivals take their roots in the seasons or times, sometimes basically on the agricultural calendar of the society. Most times festivals turn out to become local, state or national holidays. Examples of festivals include Halloween, the Eids, Easter, Passover etc.

4. Convention: 

This is a meeting slated for a fixed time and a pre-arranged venue by a group of persons who share a common drive, passion, and interest. Conventions could hold for professional, fandom, political, religious, trade and industry-related reasons. Conventions are always well-articulated meetings with a high level of coordination, more like playing out a script.

5. Media Event: 

Usually, solely for media publicity or 'hype', a pseudo-event as it is sometimes called is an event with its intent to involve the mass media. A media event is usually an event where the media is called in to participate actively with the sole purpose of attracting attention to oneself in the end. Major features of pseudo-events are a live broadcast, well-planned personality center-staging, news conference, interviews and an exhibition session.

6. Sporting Event: 

This is an occasion where a competition is fixed for the display of physical prowess or activity. Also referred to as games, sporting events rank highest when talking of human events and occasions through history. Sporting events would usually consist of a contest between two or more opposing or competing sides. To ensure fair play and equity, sporting events are usually organized with set out regulations, rules, and traditions. Sporting events include rugby, billiards or pool, soccer, hockey, basketball, discuss, javelin, motor racing, field race etc.

7. Happening: 

This is more of a performance involving the performing of arts. Happenings hinge on various cadres and are not that easy to place fixed tabs on, as art cuts across various boundaries but a happening can be more noticeable where the various forms of arts feature as key elements on-display at such events or occasions. Happenings are not particularly like plays, instead, while hinging on the lines of arts, happenings at all times, have underlying messages etched into the whole event setting.

With this rich knowledge on various events and what there is to know about them, this article acts as a bridge to bring you up to speed on today's technological advancement and how it has affected organizing various events. A prominent feature in human lives today is the smartphone technology which in a Gestapo fashion has in some little way contributed positively in nearly all facets of human activity. The advent of the Android smartphone operating system changed the way man communicated with gadgets.

The Android in its wake, came with a more powerful gadget-to-user interactivity, fluidity, and malleable customizability. In managing one's event DIY, be it small, medium or large scale, this article comes in handy as a guide for readers who are pros or novices without prior knowledge to solely handle or manage an upcoming event.

1. EVENTBRITE ORGANIZER: The Eventbrite Organizer App former called Entry Manager is in a class of its own as it ranks as being one of the handiest tools for Android smartphones when it comes to event management and organization. The App designed for both amateurs and pros alike comes with an easy to get along interface for newbies. The App allows users to set up, track, accept and secure ticket payments for their events using the in-app ticketing platform with real-time data to work with. Users can create, edit and customize their events on-the-go. The App gives users the leverage to use a wide array of event management options and tools to achieve successful events.

2. MY EVENT MANAGER: This is one App that goes beyond just being an organizer. Designed for use by both newbies, rookies, amateurs and professionals alike the App allows users to effectively manage a cross-section of event details from DJs, security, tent, makeup artist, decorators, choreographers, caterers, musicians, orchestras, and a whole lot more without going for or employing the services of an event planner. The App also connects users to event vendors globally and offers users the levity of using its in-app data collection service to which allows users access to ticketing, guest-list, ticket/venue traffic tracking etc.

3. EVENT MANAGER: The Event Manager App is both an organization and tracker all merged into one. This App suits professional more than newbies although with time newbies and amateurs alike can find their way around easy in-app. A ticket management system etched with a tracking system that allows event organizers to keep a tab on what the traffic flow looks like at their function. The App also interactively manages event budget to curb wastages and excess spending before or during event functions. Handy with QR code scanner and generating function, the App allows users to adequately manage not just one event at the same time but multiple events simultaneously.

4. EVENT MANAGEMENT: Designed by GINSTR GmbH, The Event Management App is one App that has taken traditional ticketing services to yet another height with the inclusion of the NFC communication and QR scanner tools on its platform. Users can create both a check-in and out record for event attendees using QR codes and NFC tags, which can be used at any event as scannable or virtual tickets. The App with its interactive interface can be used as an on-site event registration tool which can be utilized fully by professional and rookies alike who can go about their way in-app. The App comes with an easy-to-use customizable database management platform that users can sync for easy accessibility.

5. EVENT MANAGER: EPS InfoTech's Event Manager is quite a useful tool when it comes to event management. Unlike the others, this App does not function on automation, the Event Management Apps functions basically using specified input loaded into it. The App usually requests for certain basic information which it processes to furnish users with the know-how and information required to manage their event and occasion.

 6. DECORATION AND EVENTS: Decoration and Events App is designed by MobileAppTech Developers and is a really classy App that allows users to choose from a wide array of event options to choose what design and decoration befit their occasion. The App allows users to effectively and DIY design their ribbon, paper, chair, table cover, event venue, cutlery, and any kind of decorations that have to do with all events. The App also acts as a complete event planning glossary.

7. AREYOUIN: The AreYouIn App is basically an organizer tool with a socializing and communications function. The App allows users to host small, medium and large-scale events effectively without having to go the arduous stress that traditionally comes with it. It aids users to piece their event(s) together using information and experience gathered from other users on its community.






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