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Wedding as its popularly known is an event or ceremony where two people are bonded together in what is known as marriage. Customs and traditions pertaining to wedding vary between religions, cultures, social cadres and even ethnicity. Basically, a wedding ceremony involves the exchange of marital vows by the two people who seek to be bonded in marriage, gift exchange which varies in different religions and societies from rings, offerings, money, garlands, or symbolic item(s) and the public declaration by a presiding figure or authority. The rest of the ceremony which involves dancing, singing, ballad/poetry, prayers, guest reception or readings from religious texts are secondary in wedding ceremonies and are pieced in to give more verve and life to the event of marriage. 

This article is basically a connection between the ceremony of a wedding and what role technology has had to play in it with the advent of smartphone technology. The Android being the most popular operating system globally earns this spot because the Android operating system embodies the zenith of man-to-gadget interactivity, fluidity and its unlimited power of both malleability and customizability which are but a few of the operating system's inestimable capabilities.

In the real context of the word, Android-powered smartphone users (who themselves are or have someone who is about to get married) will find this article very important as they will know what Apps on the Google Play Store can, in fact, broaden their scope of wedding planning from start to finish. 

The below listed Android Apps can get users well acquainted with various kinds of weddings and a wealth of knowledge garnered from experience over time.

1. LADYMARRY WEDDING PLANNER: The LadyMarry Wedding Planner is in a class of its own as it one of the most popular Android Apps trending on the Google Play Store for wedding budgeting and planning. The App allows users to plan their dream wedding in a rather swift and interactive manner; a cross-platform App, the LadyMarry wedding planner is structured for use both for professionals and newbies alike. Loaded with a customizable wedding checklist, budgeting analysis, a well-guided wedding to-to-do-list, tips/tricks to get around solving certain logistics when it comes to weddings, and a cross-platform sync to allow a wedding team further sit on details. 2. WEDDING PLANNER BY WEDDINGWIRE: This App comes with a simple interface which employs a full wedding checklist, countdown and in-app wedding vendor research tools with real-time budgeting for a stress-free wedding ceremony. The App's wedding planning tools are quite classic as it takes into importance every detail without leaving out ought including statistic fro the venue(s) of the wedding. The database of over 200,000 local wedding vendors globally and including wedding photographers, florists and venues. 3. WEDDING PLANNER: The Wedding Planner App by Sergey Matisen is a very handy App wedding planning that incorporates wedding costing, tasks, guest and countdown tools all in one App. The App is a very effective guest-list planner, wedding budget planner and an easy vendor manager for users to go about planning their weddings effectively. 4. WEDDING DECORATION IDEAS: The Wedding Decorations Idea is a really effective wedding planning App that allows users to in a DIY (Do It Yourself) fashion plan their wedding ceremony with much-a-do. The App allows users to choose from its library of wedding decorations. Effortlessly users can make up their mind on what decorative designs to employ during their wedding ceremony and reception. The App allows users to explore various environments like indoor/outdoor and even beach settings while users are allowed to choose what balloons, flowers, lighting, and candles to fit their wedding plan.                 5. DIY WEDDING PLANNER: The DIY Wedding Planner App virtually contains everything a user needs for planning their wedding ceremony from the legal angle, wedding proper, to reception and entertainment of guests. The unique feature of the App is that it comes with a well-researched database contain to-do-lists for a cross-section of wedding ceremonies including Jewish, Indian, European, Arab and even the Military. A knowledge-wealth-bank that ushers users into the world of professional wedding planning for novices, rookies and amateurs alike.                             6. IRISH WEDDING PLANNER: The Irish Wedding Planner is a geolocation specified wedding planning App for users who want to get acquainted with how to go about weddings in Ireland. The App allows users to get acquainted with customs and etiquettes of Irish wedding ceremonies, including an in-app wedding to-do-list, wedding guest planner, wedding decoration and event spaces across Ireland. 7. INDIAN WEDDING PLANNER: This App comes with a very simple interface and is basically an info-bank for users who want to get acquainted with information on Indian wedding ceremonies. The App enlightens the user on all there is to know when it comes to Indian marriages. Users of this App can also enjoy an added advantage of getting first-hand history and ancient customs pertaining to Indian marriages. Across the Indian subcontinent, users can utilize the App to search for caterers, hair-stylists, Jewelers, Indian Sari, Indian wedding makeup and makeover, and even bridal Mehendi. 8.  MILITARY WEDDING PLANNER: Designed by Anastasia Stevenson, the Miltary Wedding Planner App allows users to gain useful information about any and everything when it comes to a proper Military wedding ceremony. The App allows the user to know first-hand what it takes including procedures, legal, decorations, protocols, seating arrangement, and a well-detailed list of wedding vendors ranging from photographers, florists and event places suitable for Military wedding ceremonies. The App also lets users know what Military etiquettes, customs, and traditions must be observed at wedding ceremonies. 9. JEWISH WEDDING PLANNER: The Jewish Wedding Planner App is a knowledge bank for users or their family/friend who want to get married the Jewish way. The App lets users in on how Jewish and Chupah marriage blessings are said and offered. Users can know exactly what to do when it comes to Jewish customs, traditions, and etiquette during a marriage ceremony. The App also saves users lots of money as it also doubles as being an adequate assistant over the course of planning one's wedding by keeping track of the wedding budget, guest-lists, to-do-list and wedding decoration. The App also allows users to get information on wedding vendors suitable for Jewish Wedding ceremonies. 10. BUDGET NIKAH KAHWIN: This App is designed for Islamic wedding planning. Users can use this App to get incisive budget analysis for planning their own wedding or Nikah. This App makes it easier for users to also access quality information on Islamic customs, etiquettes, and traditions pertaining to putting together a successful Islamic wedding ceremony.

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