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With the advancement in technology which has taken along with it the medical sector,  Android OS users can now access vast knowledge-based materials and even get cures from simple to complex ailments just with the swipe of their smartphone screens and a couple of onscreen gestures.

The health and well-being of any human come first before any other primary need of man which is why the maintenance and enhancement of person's state of health using preventions, diagnosis and formidable treatment of injury, diseases, illnesses, plagues and mental disorder in a person is of major priority in day-to-day human existence. Therefore the well-being of a person is seen as healthy when they are mental, physically, internally and externally whole and even in a sound state of social stability. Away from the complex study of medicine and all the bogus terminologies that comes with it, the massive advancements in the area of technology have positively impacted on today's medical research and generally, the healthcare sector, the world over. In the past, the vast knowledge bank of medicine and medical practice was laid-up with only the privileged few who studied and graduated as doctors and healthcare workers, competent or not. These days a person's ability to function well mentally, socially, physically and even spiritually could hide behind a few swipes and gestures on their smartphone. Fact is, humans living in today's clime and time can now access full-range medical solutions and in-depth knowledge from the comfort of their Android smartphones. Let it be known that the Android OS stands as the most popular and most used smartphone Operating System today. Known for its easy customization tools and functions, the Android OS allows users the flexibility and fluidity to enjoy so much more from their smartphone.

This article dwells on the premise of Android apps that have been used to save lives, enhance well-being and cure both ailments and allergies. Listed below are 11 health enhancement apps that every Android smartphone user must have on their phones in case of emergency or expand one's medical knowledge-base.

1. ADA (PERSONAL HEALTH COMPANION): Ada is like a medical Wikipedia of sorts as the app is designed to ask users strategic and useful questions from which solutions are given. With contributions from over 100 medical doctors and health research workers, a database of thousands of conditions, cure, and symptoms is what the app has to offer. The App has been known to guide users to get cures from cold to very rare illnesses. Ina simple way the app poses its users' questions about their general well-being and if anything is the problem that seems strange, then these questions are analyzed in-app for possible solutions to the problem. Major health challenges like: • Chronic Coughs • Skin diseases like Insect/bestial bites, Rashes, Acne etc. • Urinary problems • Sexual health issues • Fertility-related Problems • Infectious and Contagious Diseases • Pediatric/Children’s Health issues • Neurologic Disorders • Mental Health/Disorder problems • Insomnia related issues • Digestive tract Problems • Nausea and Acute Diarrhea • Colds, Fever, Flu, Sore Throat etc. • Chronic Diseases • Sores • Acute Eye Infections • Rheumatic/Arthritic issues 2. CYCLEBEADS: A major aspect of human existence is REPRODUCTION. Procreation is an inborn trait in man and for a man to be in all-around sound health this aspect of his life must also be given consideration. The Cyclebeads app majors in reproductive health in humans. Among other functions this app allows users to either prevent or plan against or for pregnancy. Females will mostly gain the most out of this app as it is also used to effectively track the female menstrual cycle. Being the only Android app to extensively handle reproductive health issues, developers say the app came to life after very extensive research on proven family planning methods, which also allows the app the power to address adverse fertility issues as it affects many families today. The app can accurately predict actual fertility days for couples to copulate and it also delivers real-time alerts to keep users abreast and up-to-date on the state of their reproductive health. 3. DRUGS DICTIONARY OFFLINE: Drugs Dictionary Offline is a standalone app that acts as a medical handbook for all information and details about prescribed medication. The app also includes usage instructions, dosage, uses, side effects, drug interaction, what to watch out for, incomplete dosage and storage instructions. The app also includes the following: Efficient performance with zero crash rate. Very large database of drugs User-friendly interface Free and fully offline Bookmarks and favorite functions 4. 101 NATURAL HOME REMEDIES CURE: This must-have app is a medical handbook on natural medicinal cures and remedies. All curative processes and remedies listed in this app are all 100% natural. The holistic approach to the development of the app has set it in a class of its own as users now enjoy natural homes remedies that really work right on their Android smartphones. The app proffers natural holistic remedies to the under listed diseases and sickness, namely:
  • Depression 
  • Dry Skin 
  • Dysentery 
  • Eye Care 
  • Ear Ache 
  • Fever 
  • Flu 
  • Filaria 
  • Gastric 
  • Goitre 
  • Hepatitis 
  • Hair Loss 
  • Hangovers 
  • Headache 
  • Heart Disease 
  • Hiccups 
  • Hoarse Voice 
  • High BP 
  • Impotence 
  • Indigestion 
  • Infertility 
  • Intestinal Worms 
  • Itching 
  • Joint Pain 
  • Jaundice 
  • Kidney Stones 
  • Leucoderma 
  • Malaria 
  • Measles 
  • Mumps 
Among others. 5. DIABETES.M: This app is specifically designed for people suffering from Diabetes (Type 1 or 2) and blood sugar-related diseases. Users can use the app to suppress, manage and keep their diabetes under full control. The app can be used to monitor that of a friend, family member or spouse. This innovative app supports Android Wear smartwatches and has a pretty large nutritional database which allows for tracking of food intake information in users suffering from a diabetic condition. The app runs a comprehensively synchronized diabetes management software which allows users to sync the app with insulin pumps and glucometers. Complete with both charts and graphs depicting the exact state and report of a patient for proper medical analysis. 6. SKIN DISEASE AND TREATMENT: This app is more like a database on skin diseases. The app provides incisive information on skin diseases no matter what peculiarities. New users of the app are educated on the possible causes of skin diseases, what skin diseases actually look like, what skin diseases can users on their own cure, possible symptoms along with other useful information to look out for when treating skin diseases. On proper perusal, the app covers vast topics on skin diseases and related ailments. 7. MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY (OFFLINE): Medical Terminology offline is a super fast app, that links users up with the meanings of a vast array of medical terms which would without prior knowledge elude the user. More like a Medical Terminological reference handbook, this ineptly analytic yet free app seeks to bring the ignorant public a wealth of knowledge which was only meant for a certain privileged few before now right on users Android mobile phones. The app is official a medical reference point which covers all known medical abbreviations and terminologies. Acting much like an offline thesaurus, the app does not need internet access to function as it is sole offline. 8. NATURAL HEADACHE REMEDIES: This is one app taps into the holistic or alternative aspect of natural healing. Natural medical practice is now incorporated into much of today's medical treatments. Many of these natural cures have gone through laboratory scrutiny to emerge as formidable cures in the day to day treatments of ailments and diseases. The app covers the following categories, namely:
  • Chronic Headaches Remedies
  • Sinus Headache Remedies
  • Cluster Headache Treatment
  • Home Remedies For Headaches
  • Migraines Headache Remedies
  • Natural Headache Remedies
These remedies listed in the app are newly researched and they present a whole new way for people suffering from the above types of headaches to treated effectively and naturally without the worry of what chemical compounds were added to the mixture or not. It is not surprising to see the wide acceptance of the app as the level of downloads since the time of its upload on Google Play Store attests to the fact that more and more people have now turned to a more natural and holistic approach to get relief and cures from illnesses and diseases. 9. CURING BAD BREATHE: Unlike most medical related apps, is more like an online school on users Android smartphone. The book which boasts of how users can learn how to cure and have a complete knowledge of bad breathe cures. More like a book of secrets revealed, the app incisively opens users eyes to advanced medical terminologies when it comes to curing bad breath. The app which guides users on personal oral hygiene and a personalized approach to oral medical health. 10. HIDDEN SECRETS OF INFERTILITY: This app boasts of teaching couples how to surmount their infertility problems within not more than 7 days. The app from the further research showed that it had first come in an eBook format titled 'Hidden Secrets of Infertility and How to Naturally Overcome Them'. The app boasts to uses of being able to open their eyes to becoming fertile in 7 days without them raising a finger or be stressed. Developers of the app state that it took them more than a year to gather and compile the facts gathered in it as the following topics treated in the app are guaranteed to set users on a path to fertility: 1. How to become pregnant. 2. 3 little known, yet simple ways to understand your infertility. 3. The secret of expert infertility specialists that few people ever know about. 4. 3 proven steps to picking the right treatments for you. 5. 2 simple keys (that are right in front of your eyes) to conceive a child. 6. WARNING: 3 things you should never do when it comes to trying to conceive. 7. You'll discover in just a few short minutes how to recognize infertility problems. 8. 6 times tested and proven strategies for discovering the best treatments for you. 9. When to look for other alternatives to pregnancy like adoption, surrogacy, or donors. 10. 7 everyday but often overlooked tips and tricks for using herbs to combat infertility. 11. A pennies on the dollar approach to choosing a fertility treatment. 12. How often to have intercourse to become pregnant. 13. How to understand fertility treatments. 11. MEDICAL ID - ICE (IN CASE OF EMERGENCY): In case of Emergency is a vital must-have app for every Android user which allows access to vital information such as users medical records, blood type & group, height, weight, allergies etc., all of this information becoming useful in case of an emergency as all of this information are used to create a profile which is easily and quickly accessible from even user's device lock-screen. The app also supports multiple profiles to run on one device. It works directly with the users' current location as on installation it is auto-synced to their device's GPS & A-GPS platform for accurate address location and quick response in case of an emergency. Users do not have to unlock their device's lock-screen to be able to call emergency response teams for help.

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