Thursday, May 10, 2018


Relating to the context of this article, fashion as we all know it is the practice of applying finesse or panache to clothing, beauty makeup, footwear, body and even accessories. When it comes to fashion, everything is never permanent as trends change constantly. It is the place of the fashion and style conscious mind to distinctively know what to appear in, mostly to match. 

Fashion-sense is rated according to the degree of how one can effortlessly look distinct wearing various types of clothing, accessories, footwear, and makeup all combined into one. Fashion and style can be masculine, feminine or unisex, which means men should dress up stylishly according to the masculine fashion trend, so also should women and both genders have the leverage to choose from the wide range of unisex styles which fit every fashion sense. Fashion trends from all ramifications are influenced and most times dictated by several unforeseen or most times foreseen factors which include cultural, social, economic, technological and sometimes political.
Fashion critics and enthusiasts alike use the PEST (Political, Economical, Social and Technological) analysis to cross-examine a trend's growth indices. In today's society, the media is a major determinant in today's fashion trends globally. Such significant roles of the media include fashion journalism which involves guides, interviews, criticism, commentary, tips, and reviews placed on radio, television, newspapers, magazines, social media networks, fashion related websites, fashion-oriented blogs, YouTube videos, Apps, and fashion production and design software. Our focus primarily in the course of this article will be on the new-age technological trend which is the smartphone in relation to the ever constantly changing fashion trends.

Riding the crest and being at the zenith of mobile phone technology, the Android operating system boasts of being the most popular Operating System globally today. 

An enviable position well earned for the Android's fluidity, interactivity, and customizability. Users of the Android operating system enjoy more benefits as productivity is a major reward of using it. Fashion lovers globally who own and can operate a smartphone can in so many ways stay trendy and stylish using their Android-powered mobile phone.

Below are 5 fashion and style Apps to keep the fashion enthusiast trendy all year round.

1. FASHION DESIGN FLAT SKETCH: This App allows users to quickly achieve very complex fashion clothing designs by looking up a guide from a vast library of sketches. A very useful tool for fashion freaks, illustrators, designers and interns, the Fashion Design Flat App comes in handy to aid professionals out when they have workloads on their hands. Users can manually draw their own sketch with a pencil, picking from over a thousand pre-installed graphics users can create their own unique fashion designs. The App comes with inbuilt buttons, belts, zippers, pockets and clips of various colors, patterns and shapes for users to choose from after their final design. Users have the leverage to export their design in different image formats for actual real-life finishing. 2. FASHION EMPIRE: Fashion Empire is basically an all-female affair as the App opens the doors to real-time fashion boutique simulation for women of all ages. The App is loaded with trendy fashionista items to match, mix, and sell. Users can furnish and decorate their own customized boutique with loads of classy decorations. Users can also self-design their own unique fashion items while they dress themselves up in whatever trendy outfit they deem fit. Makeover using all the trendy and state-of-the-art makeup kits and cosmetic accessories is not left out for users to catch fun with. Users can keep their own customized designer items and the App has a section where users can actually win gift prizes in online fashion week competitions. 3. WORLD OF FASHION: World Of Fashion boasts as one of the most trending fashion Apps for Android on the Google Play Store. The App comes in a game mode which offers users the opportunity to enjoy over 3000 trendy clothes and 200+ models to dress in them. Users can in-app design outfits using a range of inbuilt tools. The App is set in the fashion city of New York and users are assigned a fashion coach who gives helpful tips and guidelines when needed. 4. MEN CLOSET: After long last a fashion App for the men-folk. Men in the real fashion sense are not on a massive scale fashion enthusiasts, unlike their female counterparts. This App for the men-folk is more like a wardrobe organizer and outfit idea planner. It allows the user to add his own real-life clothes to the in-app wardrobe by snapping them with his camera. Users can select their own unique style and fashion sense by choosing from a wide range of the Apps catalog. The App also allows users to perform a mock or practice pack for travel, while it keeps a well-detailed inventory of the user's wardrobe with everything in it via regular updates. The App allows users to choose from a collection of celebrities which they wish to really look like in real-life and it provides tips and guides on their chosen celeb's fashion timetable. 5. CHICISIMO: Chicisimo is a great outfit idea planner which aids users to discover new and existing outfits. Aside from finding out what outfits fits and matches best, the app also organizes users closets and helps users to make up their mind under record time on what they need to adorn. A powerful clothing organizer, the Chicisimo App offers a peer-to-peer service where users share to a common hub their fashion ideas and by sharing their fashion sense everyone looks good at the end of the day. The Chicisimo's online community is one with tonnes of women as members.

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