Thursday, May 3, 2018


Music production or digital recording saw the light of day in 1982 with massive improvising in consumer recording durability as the compact disc technology came into being away from the traditional analog recordings. 

The coming of the CD technology brought along with it a massive turn around in digital music listening and enjoyment globally which allowed for a wider acceptance over other music storage and playback. Music production took a new turn at this point as producing audio sound on CD formats needing full digital implementation. Music recording studios globally began in the 1980s to overhaul their recording equipment to meet up with the advancing technological age. Over the decades a great metamorphosis has hit the music industry right from music recording, to editing even to its final consumption almost everything is carried out digitally. The age we now live in, nearly every and anything today pertaining to music production is carried out using software.

The advent of various digital audio processing and recording software has made developers busy at making sure these program work on virtually all digital operating systems globally. This evolution saw the birth of other new age digital audio payers and storage systems like the Minidisc, ATRAC, Super Audio CD, Blu-ray, DVD-A, HD DVD, iPods, Flash drives etc. Today music production has gotten to a whole new level with the advent of the world's most popular Operation System, The Android.

Now common knowledge, is the fact that the Android operating system has beat all other operating systems hands down because of its interactive nature, customizability and fluidity which makes it the most easiest-to-use and user-friendly operating system globally. 

Wannabee, rookie, amateur and professional music producers along with sound engineers have not been left behind in the current technological wave.

Audio sound specialists have been carried along in the revolution as they can now professionally produce music-on-the-go with the below listed free-to-use Android Apps. 

1. BANDLAB: BandLab allows users the convenience to produce quality music on its 12 track digital audio workstation and an online cloud storage advantage. The App comes complete with useful in-app tools like a guitar tuner and wide range metronome. Users can record, edit and share their music on BandLap while it also serves a community of music producers, engineers, and artists, while music lovers along with industry scouts and stalwarts are also allowed to join in the fun of producing and listening to great music.

 2. CAUSTIC 3: Caustic 3 is a music production Android App from the stables of Single Cell Software developers. The App is loaded with a wide array of sampler and synthesizer rigs. the App comes with a 14-track music audio production digital workstation. Users can also enjoy 28 different effects with a reverb and delay virtual mixer desk. The beauty of Caustic 3 App, lies in its ability to carry out audio music mastering, which is embedded in its powerful parametric limiter and an added advantage of the CAUSTIC 3 music production App is its control automation for its virtual editor along with its song sequencer. Complete with cloud storage function the App can sync its WAV audio files (8-32bit, all sample rates) with BeatBox, Vocoder, and PCMSynth.

 3. MUSIC MAKER JAM: The Music Maker Jam App is an awesome music production Android App which allows users to create, discover and share their audio music creativity. The App comes with more than 200 music style packs for guiding users of creating their own unique music production. The onscreen controls of the App are quite easy and users can choose from over a thousand studio-quality audio loops to add to their beats or songs. The App also allows users to record their own vocals with a near perfect noise-gate high-quality audio recording in-built system. The App also offers users access to upload their created songs directly to SoundCloud with an unrestricted access to the Music Maker JAM community which boasts of more than 2 million uploaded songs to date which makes it also a hub for music industry talent scouts to fish for innovative and productive talents.

 4. WALK BAND: The Walk Band multitrack music production Android App is one in its class as it offers users the leverage to choose from and play on their Android smartphones an array of virtual musical instruments. A working recording studio, the App allows users to synthesizer different audio sound samples while users have the one-off convenience of using a direct plug-in MIDI keyboard support. The App fully detects touch-pressure/multitouch and it comes with key/note adjustment, pitch-bend, and MIDI/Audio recording/playback/sharing. The Walk Band App offers users an unrestricted cloud storage service with a thriving community of music enthusiasts, music lovers and both music producers along with sound engineers who engage their passion creatively. Users can also share their newly created songs on the Walk Band App across various social media platforms.

 5. N-TRACK STUDIO 8: n-Track Studio 8 is one powerful Android music production App that allows users to record, edit and share their audio music. This free version of the App is a trial version, the paid version unlocks more advanced modes and features. The n-Track 8 music production App allows users to record voice over its inbuilt noise gate unwanted sound filtering system using the mobile phone's mic. Users can add an array of effects to their recording as they program their song using the App. The App comes with its inbuilt sequencer and allows users to import their own sequenced beat. The audio music editor on n-Track 8 is quite powerful and allows users to pan, adjust, equalize, level and synthesize audio music. Complete with both stereo and mono audio music tracks, the App also allows users to access its cloud service while it allows sound recording over either group or auxiliary channels. With over an over 128 MIDI instrument soundbanks, the App offers users an enhanced music production experience.

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