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Road safety as it implies is simply the technique and way of preventing road users (motorists, vehicular passengers, pedestrians, cyclists etc.) from sustaining serious injuries or getting out-rightly killed. Maintaining road safety is crucial and as a particular solution for the total eradication of various degrees of road accidents has not been found, measures have been put in place by governments around the world to stem down to its barest minimum the cases of road accidents in whatever capacity by placing traffic laws and guidelines to reduce crash risks. 

Road accidents or traffic crashes remain one of the largest injury prevention and public health/safety problems till date. Looking at it from a broader perspective, it is quite saddening to note that before any or most road crashes, victims are most times in perfectly healthy conditions. More than a million people lose their lives every year to road traffic crashes while more than 50 million people also get seriously injured yearly.

These days public health safety is taken into serious consideration by governments of all countries globally and this includes minimizing road traffic accidents or crashes to its barest minimum. 

Part of the moves to salvage the ugly trend of road traffic crashes is the building designs of modern roads which take into consideration safety and speed measures while adding the algorithms of both angle and elevation in consideration to crash impact. In planned cities today, road users i.e pedestrians and cyclists alike, are put into consideration when designing roads because they become vulnerable to the traffic flow within the city. A powerful tool used to curtail road crashes with planned cities is called traffic-calming. Although not basically to calm traffic as the name may imply, it is more of the application of more traffic/road signals and signs to both control and sensitizes the general public as they get on the road either in vehicles or on foot. Measures taken for modern-day road traffic safety include modern-day safety barriers, exclusive shortcuts, fused grid/3-way-road-offsets, speed bumps, raised pavement markers, cat's eye/bott's dots etc. This article will dwell on how the advanced technology of today which a majority of humans carry around can in one or more ways save lives on the road and prevent road traffic crashes or road accidents as the case may be. The coming of the smartphone technology has brought in its very wake more advantages than ills to the human race.

Today, the Android OS is the most popular and widely used operating system globally. The Android revolutionized mobile telephony with its sleek fluidity, gadget-to-user interactivity, and malleable customizability. 

This article will surmise around the top 5 free road-traffic-safety Android Apps on the Google Play Store.

1. GOING ABROAD: The Going Abroad App is an official road traffic safety rules and guidelines for countries within the European Union designed by the European Commission. This App is also a public health and safety tool for the enlightenment, sensitization, and education of road users globally. The App also gives users an insight into what obtain as a road user in and within Europe. Complete with a game mode to thrilling and engage users to learn basic road traffic signs and safety rules in a fun way.

 2. GERMAN ROAD SAFETY: German Road Safety is a multi-lingual (German, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese) App which also serves as a public health and safety tool for road users who want to broaden their scope safety and crash-risk-reduction on roads. The App also serves as a guide and overview to raise the consciousness of road users to the importance of road traffic safety. The richly animated App also intimates users on the advanced road traffic safety rules and road designs in Germany.

 3. SAFELY HOME: A product of RavGins Developers, the Safely Home App is a road traffic safety tool in a class of its own. The App comes with high-end safety features which while it runs in the background can automatically detect road crashes without trying to open the App for use. The App after detecting road accident(s) of any sort, automatically place an emergency call on the user's smartphone to local emergency response teams within the vicinity. The App comes loaded with tips and guides on road traffic safety and puts users through the test to acquaint them with traffic regulations and rules while bringing users up to speed with live updates on traffic news globally.

4. ROAD SAFETY TIPS: Road Safety Tips is an which specifically sensitizes and educates users on road traffic rules. The App also tests users pro-efficiency on road traffic safety by posing a series of quiz questions to users, this is to aid in raising the consciousness of users to the critical importance of road safety.

5. ROAD SAFETY FOR KIDS: Road Safety For Kids is a product of the Faculty of Informatics, Mahasarakham University. A highly interactive media on road traffic safety, the App surmises around 2 animated characters who guide and demonstrate various road user situations in relation to safety management from motorist, to cyclist to pedestrian, the App uses a fun type of storyline to educate both parents, teachers and kids alike on the importance of road traffic safety.

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