Thursday, May 10, 2018


Also known as speech or voice therapy, voice training cuts across various forms of methods used to correct voice disorders or enhance human speech or voice towards either acting or singing (this article will center on singing). Worthy of note is the fact that
voice training is also used to gain precise intonations for specific gender purposes like transgenderism. Speech or voice disorder is one of the major reasons why most people have to go through voice therapy or training as the case may warrant. Voice disorders can be caused by the underlisted diseases but it is a medical condition which makes the suffer's voice to pitch at quite an abnormal end which would in most cases produce offhand loudness that affects speech production and puts the suffer's larynx in rather sore or bad condition.

The following are the causes of voice disorders in humans:

  • Laryngeal papillomatosis
  • Reinke's edema
  • Vocal fold nodules
  • Bogart-Bacall syndrome
  • Vocal fold cysts
  • Foreign accent syndrome
  • Vocal paresis

Another major reason for voice training is either for entertainment or spiritual purposes. Singing which is one of the most basic reasons for voice training takes up a larger chunk of why people go through this process. For the transgender folks, voice therapy is needed at the point where they need to sound exactly like the opposite sex and most voice training and therapies need a voice coach to guide one on how to achieve one's set out goal in the process. This article surmises around the premise of voice therapy and training in relation to today's technological trend. Taking the world by storm is the advent of the smartphone.
The advancement that came with the smartphone technology saw in its wake the birth of the Android operating system. Being today the world's most popular operating system, the Android OS has more than one reason to occupy this throne. Among its qualities and advantages over other operating systems are the Android's fluidity, customizability, and interactivity.
These qualities have made Android mobile phone users to enjoy the convenience of being able to carry out both voice therapy and training programs effortlessly. This to a large degree has minimized the need for a voice coach as Android mobile phone users can now use in a DIY fashion train their own voice.

Below is a list of Android Apps for both voice training and therapy:

1. LEARN SINGING: This App is purely a voice training Android App which coaches users on how to master the art of singing. The App comes complete with a library of lessons and courses for users who want to go through the drill of vocal exercises to attain in-tune singing and pitch perfection. The App comes with an array of songs from around the world that cut across cultural backgrounds to bring out the very best in the App's users, they include Western, Carnatic, Hindustani music etc. The App follows users progress in real-time as it provides very valuable feedback. All recordings are saved in-app to improve users progress rate while tips and guidelines pop up to further enhance users voice health. Users can enjoy the continuous loop function of the App; they can also join the LEARN SINGING online community of passionate singers. 2. SWIFTSCALES: Swiftscales is a voice training App which boasts of being created by singers for singers. Swiftscales also boasts of being a pioneer in simulating a sit-at-piano coaching experience. The App was designed to not require users to even have an aorta of musical knowledge before they could begin to enjoy fine-tuning their voice. Swiftscales comes with an interactive user interface, which allows users to build and customize their own sessions with no prior musical knowledge whatsoever. Users have the power to control their own training sessions as the App comes with almost an unlimited variation of training nodes. The App also comes with expository video lessons which have well-stocked professionally recorded audio to go with. 3. VIRTUAL VOICE LESSONS: This voice training App could also adequately double as a voice therapy App anytime. The App is Steve Child's (Top world vocal instructor). The App works basically online and needs steady internet network to work. The App comes with a library of lessons for both voice training and therapy and even teaches a bit of English linguistics. The App contains the following plug-ins which will be and added advantage to users.

  • Vibrato
  • Voice control node
  • Vocal tone developer
  • Vocal resonance builder
  • Five tone scale
  • Vocal projection node
  • Falsetto, Sliding and Controlled Cracking node
  • Beltvoicing and intercostal breathing node

4. VOICE PITCH ANALYZER: A product of Purr Programming this Android App is designed to fit the transgender class of voice overhaul training. The App lays particular emphasis on users voice pitch range which usually reveals what level of work is needed to achieve a perfect pitch. Users are advised to use a headset because as stated by the App's developers, each smartphone comes with its own different microphone be it a mobile or a tablet phone. 5. VOCAL EXERCISE FREE: The Vocal Exercise Free App is designed to put users through the road to attain vocal pitch perfection without any knowledge whatsoever on musical instruments. The App is preloaded with diverse voice training tutorials and vocal therapy exercises. Users have the leverage to train their voices to its best pitch range using specific inbuilt videos. 6. SINGING LESSONS: Singing lessons as the name implies is basically a learn-how-to-sing tutorial-bank and virtual coach. The App comes with warm-ups, breathing exercises, daily practice routines, voice tone and range enhancer, a well-doctored singing course to guide users who are passionate about singing but even lack basic musical knowledge a spot to turn their voices into gold. 7. PERFECT EAR: Perfect Ear is an innovative App from EDUCKSAPPSV Developers and is one very important tool for Android smartphone owners who seek to perfect their voice and sharpen their musical skills. This App goes beyond just coaching users on how to sing but to further intimate users on having a precision ear for musical rhythm, timing, and melody. The App aids users to easily and quickly identify notes, chords, intervals, and scales while they merge that knowledge with their singing prowess. The Perfect Ear App cuts across just being a rudimentary music coach to allowing users to create their own unique and customizable scales, chords and even chord progressions. The App fills users in on sight singing, pitch training, note singing, and scale exercises.