Thursday, May 3, 2018


This video tutorial is a guide given by Theophilus Akpan, a Nigerian gospel music artiste who goes by the stage name Theoflash; he also doubles as a tech geek. In here, Theoflash explains and demonstrates how one can in a DIY (Do It Yourself) fashion repair, dissect and fix damaged or unresponsive laptop keyboards.

 In the tech world, it is common knowledge that desktop or external keyboards are quite easy to open or loose for repairs and maintenance which is quite the reverse when it comes to laptop keyboards.

Laptop keyboards for so many reasons are not quite accessible to the opening, loosing or dissecting, why? because firstly, they are mobile gadgets which might get into harm's way very easily, therefore a high level of protection is usually and mostly given at the point of production to laptop keyboards. This does not technically mean that laptop keyboards cannot be opened, loosened or dissected for repair and maintenance purposes. Tech geeks alone like Theoflash know this secret and he has in this video revealed in-depth what it takes and all that there is to know about going about repairing one's laptop keyboard by oneself. Kindly like, share and subscribe to our channel for more expository tech videos. Keyboards both desktop and laptop like any other gadget or hardware computer accessory, are prone to wear and tear, even damage which results from long stay from usage, lack of frequent maintenance and outright misuse which might result in damage.
A common factor that makes keyboards begin to malfunction is usually dust particles which many users most of the time overlooked. When dust particles cluster in considerable quantity they tend to form an insulation inside of the innards of the keyboard. The dust usually comes between the hammer (which is the physical alphanumeric keys on the external) and the anvil (the inner raised bed which contains the electronic circuitry which issues commands on pressure contact).
 Another major factor to keyboard damage is usually spilling of liquids on the keyboard, this also requires one to open, loose or dissect the keyboard to access the inner parts for proper cleaning. In most cases, solvents like petrol, methylated spirit etc., can be used to clean the insides of the keyboard after opening.

 Before commencement of the repair function one should note that the following tools need to be in place:

  • Air Blower.
  • Brush
  • Set of screwdrivers.
  • A wide flat surface.
  • Flash/Torchlight or reading lamp.

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