Thursday, June 7, 2018


Without mincing words, data usage on Android smartphones be it over WIFI or one's Mobile Network is a thing of grave concern these days.

In the face of seeming competition between network providers the world over, internet data end-users bear the brunt with high data rates and a tweak on the side of the network providers to cause very rapid data burn-rate, this act in turn causes data end-users to subscribe their data more and more often than usual.

This article will focus on how to curb the menace of exorbitant and high burn-rate of internet data on the world's most popular mobile operating system, the Android. 

Unlike other mobile operating systems, the Android OS is more susceptible to very very high burn-rates when it comes to internet data usage be it over WIFI or Mobile Network connection. Due to the fluidity of the Android operating system and it's use of library stacking to allow each Application a stand-alone operational environment, Applications wield the power to on their own violation operate behind the scene even when it's user is not operating their Android smartphone, thereby most Android applications have the singular power to use internet data at will.

Most Android smartphone users believe that switching off mobile data on their smartphones will altogether curb the menace of high data usage. 

Switching off mobile data on one's smartphone could be helpful but not totally when it comes to curbing a larger menace. Truth is, mobile data end-users may not be able to tackle the menace of high data burn-rate from the end of the Network Providers but they definitely can do something about the situation from within the confines of their Android smartphones. What many Android OS users do not know is the phrase 'Background Data', this refers to the access Android applications have to (while operating in the background) use whatever internet service is available or at it's disposal on the Android device. Background Data usage for Android applications running on one's device comes as a default, and users to do not need to give or grant special permissions for this action at inception of using their Android smartphones. Fortunately, Android smartphone users can take charge of data usage on their smartphones by harnessing and restricting what application(s) have access to use mobile data on their Android smartphones at will. Most Network Providers glory in the fact that most Android smartphone users are ignorant of this information but with the power of the information embedded in this article you as an Android smartphone user can save yourself a good amount of money and shake off massive data bills from your Network Provider(s) off your tail.

How To Restrict Unwarranted Background Data Usage:

On your Android smartphone:

Go to Settings > 


Data Usage> 

Restrict Background Data (press ok). 

And that is done! Restricting Background Data Usage, simply implies that until you use an application, that application cannot on it's own or out of it's jurisdiction access or use internet service without your own permission. Utilizing this tip has saved mobile data users the world over lots and lots of money that would have gone into an app just using internet service on their Android smartphone at will. If you have any questions or more tips on how to save on mobile data usage, let's know via the comment section below, thanks.


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