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world news global politics sports entertainment arts science nature latest newstory breaking

Sometimes called foreign coverage or international news, world news is primarily news stories from
outside one's country. In traditional news media, world news deals with an arm of journalism which involves gathering new stories from correspondents or a network of news affiliates or agencies based in other countries through either telephone, satellite Television feeds or the internet as we have it today. 

world news global politics sports entertainment arts science nature latest newstory breaking

Traditional news agencies which specialized in the delivery of qualitative and up-to-the-minute world news stories like Reuters in the UK, DPA (formerly Wolff) in Germany, AFP in France and AP in the U.S, came to being in the early 19th century and are still operational today.

The above-listed news networks on inception had only the telegraph as their basic mode of communication in gathering world news stories from their foreign news agencies or correspondents. 

world news global politics sports entertainment arts science nature latest newstory breaking

World news reporters were in high demand during World War II as the ferrying of news stories from the various battlefields was important for all and sundry including both the military and civilian populace. Professionally, there are two types of world news reporting which include Foreign Correspondence which is a full-time position with a news agency or Special Envoys who travel to foreign countries on specific missions to cover special news events and these set of journalists do not reside in those foreign countries permanently. When covering a world news story from a foreign country, the base of news gathering is usually in its capital city.

world news global politics sports entertainment arts science nature latest newstory breaking

World news reporters launch-out from their base (usually a capital city) and spread out their news feelers to other regions of the country by interviewing locals, other journalists, government officials, professionals and persons with knowledge on the subject matter of the news story. Nearly everyone with internet access today has the power in their hands to get by-the-second world news stories. 

world news global politics sports entertainment arts science nature latest newstory breaking

With the world becoming a global village, new technologies have sprung up to enhance human living which includes smartphones. Android-powered smartphone users today can get real-time world news stories and articles anywhere and anytime.

Listed below are seven of the best World News Android Apps 



Contains All Vital Utility Tools+Latest Global News Stories ALL-IN-1 Lightweight App. The ALL-IN-1 GIZKIT is a must-have Productivity and Utility (real-time) Android App which contains a variety of tools for easy and more effective smartphone use.

Below is an array of the ALL-IN-1 GIZKIT Utility and Productivity Android App contents:

  • All Unit Converter
  • QR Code Creator
  • Currency Converter
  • All Parcel Tracker
  • WebTV
  • All Books
  • Translator
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Multipurpose
  • Location Now
  • Quote-Of-The-Day
  • Live Web Info
  • Global News 24/7
  • World News
  • Science News
  • Tech News
  • Health News
  • Business
  • Fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Sport News
  • InfoHub
  • Comedy
  • Math Game

BBC News is the official international audience Android App of the British Broadcasting Corporation News Service. As one of the oldest news agencies worldwide, the BBC News Service is known to provide accurate and incisive news stories to its numerous audience globally. The BBC News App offers users the latest breaking world news on-the-go. Users can utilize the advantage of having to choose from a pretty wide range of world news stories, articles and commentary topics including:

  • Trending News
  • Politics
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Nature
  • Culture

Users can also listen to the BBC World Radio Service in real-time in-app. Powered by a network of seasoned journalists from around the world the BBC News App guarantees users standardized news reportage. The BBC News App is an interactive information tool that comes with a user-friendly interface. Qualitative world news is delivered to users via text, audio, and video with massive informative photo galleries with full-screen HD images for users to tap from. The App delivers push notifications to hint users on the latest world news stories with offline support for users who have inadequate internet access.


The CNN World News App is the official Android App of the Cable News Network which is one of the world's oldest news agencies. The CNN world news App comes with the latest global news stories for users get informed on-the-go. Users get alerts on breaking world news stories, this function can be customized to suit users specifications. The App offers users with Live Television from the CNN World TV Network which includes CNN, HLN and CNNI. The CNN News App comes with an interactive and animated interface which offers users in-app tips and guidelines on how to go about using the App to get text, audio and video global news stories including incisive articles on topics like Politics, Health, Technology, Arts, Science, Nature, Entertainment, sports etc.


The official English Language Service Android App of the Al Jazeera World News network. The App offers users breaking news including incisive interviews, features and trending articles on topics ranging from sports, entertainment, technology, nature, politics, business, and health. Users get real-time breaking news alerts right on their Android smartphones with 24/7 uninterrupted access to free-of-charge Al Jazeera World News Live Broadcast. Users with quality news stories can upload their content (text, photo, audio, and video) to the editorial team for scrutiny and publishing. The App comes with a massive picture gallery which is both searchable and preloadable. Al Jazeera English World News App offers on-the-second news stories, documentaries and programmes videos for the latest news and shows. Complete with an animated interactive interface, the Al Jazeera English World News App comes with user-friendly features that allow users to find their way around quite effortlessly and hassle-free.


Reuters News is the official Android App for one of the world's most trusted and reliable news sources. Delivering on-the-minute breaking news with massive streams of news stories, articles, and commentaries in popular formats like text, audio, photo, and video. The App delivers a wide of topics which cover stories on business, technology, arts, politics, technology and more. The Reuters News App is interactive and offers users an easily accessible friendly interface for that convenient and hassle-free experience. Users can create and edit their own personalized watch which they can update anytime and anywhere. The App offers users both online and offline access, meaning users with low internet bandwidth can either bookmark, save or download content when they have some good internet network and come back to view it while they are offline with no internet access. Users can also in-app get information on what is trending the world over.

6. DW:

Official Android App of the German International News Agency 'Deutsche Welle' which through the DW App delivers content in the English Language. The App offers users from around the world qualitative and incisive breaking news stories from its team of pro-active global foreign correspondents. The DW News App offers users unaltered, unbiased and accurately informative world news stories and articles on various topics including science, space, arts, business, politics, entertainment, nature, health and technology. completely ad-free, the App is easy to use and interactive with on-the-go text, audio and video formats of news stories for users to choose from. Users from any part of the world can get access to content in their native language as the DW World News Apps supports over 29 languages globally. Users with a slow internet connection can still get their news story in realtime by opting for the text-mode while those with inconsistent internet access can use the offline mode to download content whenever they get internet access which they can view with or without internet network in-app anytime. Users are allowed to send real-time text, photos, audio, and video to the editorial team using the in-app upload function.

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