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android apps keyboard input gif meme emoticon fonts text parody t9 predictive keyboards

The Language and Input section of every Android smartphone contains the Keyboard or Input settings function which allows users to choose what onscreen
keyboard they wish to use for ease and convenience. 

Most Android smartphone users do not usually get down with the preinstalled keyboard that comes with their smartphones from its manufacturer because the truth is most of these come with bugs.

android apps keyboard input gif meme emoticon fonts text parody t9 predictive keyboards

As Android OS smartphone users can legally change what keyboard originally came with their phones, a wide range of keyboards are on the Google Play Store for users to choose from. 

It is general knowledge that Android smartphones are used for a wide range of productive uses outside of nominal SMS and calls, smartphone keyboards go a long way in allowing users to be more productive.

android apps keyboard input gif meme emoticon fonts text parody t9 predictive keyboards

Listed below are 5 of the best free Keyboard and Input Android Apps on the Google Play Store.


Google's official keyboard Android App, the GBoard is a very fast, reliable, zero bugs and simple interface input tool for Android. The GBoard comes complete with glide typing, pre-installed google search, voice typing, Emoji and GIF features. Outside of typing and input, the GBoard App comes with weather forecast, sports news updates, nearby shops and banks etc for users to enjoy a more productive experience in-app. Complete with Google Translate and multilingual keyboard features, the App allows users from across the world to conveniently utilize its full functions irrespective of the language barrier.


Go Keyboard boasts of being one of the coolest keyboard and input Android Apps on the Google Play Store. The Go Keyboard comes complete with emojis, stickers, meme and GIF add-ons for users to enjoy that fun-filled in-app experience. Basically designed as an Emoji keyboard the Go keyboard and input App comes complete with emoticons and swipes functions for more ease and fluidity while typing lengthy text. The Go Keyboard has Autocorrect features with over 10,000 bright themes for users to choose from. The Go Keyboard also allows users to choose from a wide range of stylish fonts to garnish their texts with while typing.


TouchPal Keyboard comes with the traditional t9 predictive typing alongside the trendy swipe gesture keyboard. Users can also utilize the voice-to-speech feature of the TouchPal Keyboard and Input App for easy and convenient in-app use. The TouchPal keyboard offers smileys, GIFs, emoticons, text faces, stickers and Emoticons for users to have a full enjoyable typing experience on their Android smartphones.


With a wide range of themes and designs for users to choose from, the Swiftkey Keyboard boasts of servicing over 250 million Android smartphones globally. Complete with swiping, gesture and T9 predictive text typing features, the App supports over 150 languages. Users can enjoy emojis, emoticons, GIFs, meme, and stickers while having a seamlessly typing experience. The Swiftkey keyboard App is one of the few Android Apps on the Google Play Store that run on A.I (Artificial Intelligence) for a faster and more interactive user experience.


Talking of changing the look of one's smartphone altogether, the Flash Keyboard input App comes in handy to offer users the power to customize their virtual typing experience giving them an out-of-this-world experience. With tons of themes and designs to choose, the Flash keyboard App also offers users loads of emojis, emoticons, memes, text face, stickers and the new Lenny face features. Users enjoy autocorrect and T9 text prediction features for added ease and convenience. Users from across the world can use the Flash keyboard without language being a barrier as the App come in more than 50 languages. The App can be customized to either serve users in QWERTY or QWERTZ modes depending on which is more convenient while users can go a step further by using their personal photos as keyboard stickers.

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