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wine tasting winery wine sommelier cellar winery vintage blind

The world over, thorough evaluation and close examination of wine, which has been a very ancient practice is called wine tasting. As production of wine is as ancient as the
very history of man itself, wine tasting also dates back to wine production. 

wine tasting winery wine sommelier cellar winery vintage blind

Around the 15th century, a well-institutionalized system and method of wine tasting came into being. Wine tasting is a well-recognized profession today that sees to the careful sensory recognition of certain aromas and flavors that characterize various brands of wine globally.

wine tasting winery wine sommelier cellar winery vintage blind

Wine tasters worldwide, are in very high demand because most wine shops and retailers globally need the services of wine tasters to tell distinctively between the various wine types, qualities, and brands. 

wine tasting winery wine sommelier cellar winery vintage blind

Within the wine tasting community, which is more like a group of analytic evaluators who with the aid of age-long knowledge on wine secrets, seamlessly and almost effortlessly decipher, describe and compare wine types to know a wine's characteristic, complexities, power, age, storage condition, and faulty developments. Professional wine tasters use code-like terminologies and phrases which look more like morse or encrypted language like horizontal and vertical tasting, malolactic and barrel fermentation, blind tasting, glassware and serving conditions, tasing notes and flights, professionally the above stand as a yardstick to distinctively and accurately judge the quality, location, and vintage of a wine.

wine tasting winery wine sommelier cellar winery vintage blind

Wine tasters the world over, see each glass of wine as a project to deliver on and analysis is always the key to quality results. Wine tasting techniques can be broken down into four categories, namely:

  • Appearance
  • In-Mouth
  • In-Glass
  • Finish

wine tasting winery wine sommelier cellar winery vintage blind

Android smartphone users today can learn from that pool of ancient knowledge. Underlisted, are five of the best free-to-use wine tasting, sorting and picking Android Apps on the Play Store.


The Wine Notebook is a wine journal that encompasses note taking, ancient tasting tips, cellar inventory tracking and useful wine tasting database. Users can have a library of their own wine photos and personal wine tasting experiences uploaded to their profile. Up-to-speed prices, reviews, tips and general information on various wine vintages and shops worldwide. Users can create and collate their own customized winery profiles including a searchable database of their day-to-day winery experience with a special focus on sharing them on social media networks.


Sommpad is strictly for professional sommeliers and wine tasters as it is more like a winery database for newbies and rookies to use as a guide or to broaden their horizon with. The App brings together the vast daily experiences of millions of wine tasting professionals globally. The App encourages users to keep at putting their winery expertise down in the form of notes while they are allowed to snap and upload photos. The Sommpad App comes with a tutorial on ancient winery tricks, tips, and guidelines for newbies and rookies to catch on.


This is one App that acts as a reference and educational tool when it comes to wine tasting the world over. The App comes with a well-detailed database of winery and wine tasting techniques, customs and ancient etiquettes. Users which range from newbies to rookies can use the App to broaden their scope of glassware, storage conditions, serving temperature, wine descriptions and a whole wider range of topic concerning winery in general. Wine Tasting Guide acquaints users with in-house terminologies, which in itself takes newbies from total novices to medium scale wine tasters.


More like a social App for broadening of one's knowledge-base on wine tasting and winery techniques, CockSharing links users up with enthusiasts and professional wine tasters worldwide. In-app, CorkSharing comes with a very incisive database on the winery and ancient wine tasting practices, tricks, tips and guidelines with reference to today's customs, etiquettes, and rare wine tasting experiences. The App also serves as wine shop directory that gets users acquainted on-the-go with the closest wine shops in and around their neighborhood. Not just a wine shop locator, CorkSharing also provides users with exactly what types of wines can be found at what location and at what exact times with an animated interactive map which for some locations pops up with real-time satellite images. Users can use CorkSharing to get photos, notes, and experiences of tasting menus, wine tasting tricks and tips, storage techniques, cellar inventory tips, and general winery information.


Wine Picker as the name implies is a simple interface wine tasting and sommelier App which allows both newbies and rookies to acquaint themselves professionally with the wine tasting nitty-gritty. Users can with the aid of the App, easily choose what wine color, vintage, etiquette and custom best suits an event or occasion. Aside from just wine tasting and sorting, users can also enjoy a well laid out food pairing course. Wine Picker aligns its users with the best foods to go with what type of wine and a recipe in-app handbook to teach users how to prepare the food suggested. The App comes with a social function, which connects like minds using the App for easy exchange of tips, guides, and knowledge-base. Users can easily locate the nearest wine shop to them as them, with the in-app wine shop locator function. In-app, users can put their smartphone cameras to good and qualitative use by helping to build photo-bank for public use.

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