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kiddies educational learning kindergarten Montessori school primary education android apps for kids play store

The very best approach to getting one's child settled to learn is making the learning process a world of fun and excitement. Children between the tender ages of 4 - 10 have to be motivated in
one or more ways to be able to learn. This is because at that stage of their lives they are all about play and games which makes them upbeat to the learning process. These days, children between this age range tend to assimilate content primarily through fun and interactive educational games.

kiddies educational learning kindergarten Montessori school primary education android apps for kids play store

When selecting what educational games to engage the children in, parents should have it at the back of their minds that aside from teach, the games should adequately be entertaining with loads of animations (if possible sing-along songs to go with) to depict each and every stage of learning.

kiddies educational learning kindergarten Montessori school primary education android apps for kids play store

The more animated the outlook of these educational games are the more response to learning parents will get from the children. Parents can make make the whole process more intimate by downloading a couple of these games for free to their Android operated smartphones on the Google Play Store.

kiddies educational learning kindergarten Montessori school primary education android apps for kids play store

Parents should note that, when children are allowed to play while learning, they have a higher degree of knowledge retention. An edge while engaging one's children to learn using smartphones is, mobile phones these days are more common than even TV sets and whether parents like it or not most children this age have more access to either their own personal mobile phones or that of their parents. Using smartphones to further score a crucial point in the psychological, educational and social growth of the child is not totally out of place.

kiddies educational learning kindergarten Montessori school primary education android apps for kids play store

Below is a list of Android educational apps for young children:


Being a subject area where even most grown adults usually find it hard to comprehend, mathematics should be incorporated into the child's learning routine from a very tender age. Math Kids is one app that has taken interactive learning to greater heights by making mathematics fun to learn for the growing child. The app is designed specifically for both preschool, kindergarten, toddlers and even older children. It introduces the child to the basic forms of counting, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in fun and engaging ways. This free learning game has various other games embedded in it with the aim of making pre-school kids and toddler fall in love with mathematics from a very tender age. The more-the kids play the game the more it becomes engaging, thus taking them deeper and wider into the study of mathematics. One of the in-app prominent games is its puzzle game which is the most engaging as it allows pre-school and kindergarten kids to formidable identity numbers and signs before proceeding to their first-grade class. Aside from the games interactive and heavily animated on-screen features the game also awards children with stickers and badges to encourage their learning progress. Below are a couple of unique features that come with the Math Kid app:

The app from all indications is designed to build logical skills from scratch through its fun and interactive interface for early learners.


 The app which is a quality product of SAG-AFTRA Foundation's child literacy program. The is a very popular one on Google Play Store as it has over 10 million users globally. The app is more or less like a library of children's favorite story-books merged with an interactive interface. Available 24 hours, the app is a basic online storybook and English learning platform filled with animated illustrations, guides children through interactive means to both entertain and help them learn.


This app comes with exciting drawing games which engage the child in creative and interactive smartphone experience. The app is designed to bring into life the art skills of younger and even older children. The app allows kids to explore the full potential of their creative energy using the power of visual arts. The app which comes as a game is fun and engaging as it comes with an embedded suggestive art module which allows kids a grooming process while learning to draw. Whatever the kids draw on the app finds its way to come alive as the animations on the app run on a near true-to-life 3D engine. The app over time could become addictive as it has exciting sounds to keep the child well engaged in their creative activities in-app.

The app comes with the following unique features:

  • Drawing experience for even more younger kids from the age of 2 - 5 years old.
  • Drawing can be saved.
  • Aids kids to develop pre-writing skills.
  • Intuitive and engaging graphics.
  • Fun and exciting sound effects.
  • Amusing in-app character. 
  • Over a 100 exciting and engaging sound and animations in the game.
  • Developing sound thinking, attention to details and memory enhancement.
  • Has parental control.
  • More than 30 enchanting characters for kids to choose from.
  • Allows kids to trace lines to create their own characters using suggestive imagery.


Designed basically for children between the age of 2 - 5, the app is a collection of 7 different fun but educational games. The app comes with an animated monkey which guides kids on how to navigate and play the game. Complete with over 20 recorded voices and in-app sounds which identify letters, colors, names etc., the child is rewarded for making progress with in-app stickers which are bright and animated. The app boasts of a no end gameplay have its flows from one game to another. The app comes in 8 languages for English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese,  Japanese, Chinese and Korean.


This app comes with over 200 pre-recorded kiddies spelling tests. Parents, teachers or caregivers can quickly and easily set up spelling tests customized to suit the child's age. The app comes with a game called SQUEEBERANG which allows children to earn points as they rescue the Squeebles while they can also win stars by spelling words accurately which can be traded for more efficient Squeeberangs. Below is a range of features that come with the Squeebles app: An unlimited number of players can use it, which means it can be used in schools as well as at home. Personalized tests can be assigned to all users of the app at the same time. The Same test can be shared among 10 Android OS devices using the Spelling Share platform. Parent/Teachers have their own Zone more like a back-office where the test can be managed adequately.


Age not being a barrier, Duolingo which teaches users through constant practice how to speak various languages cuts across age grades as a little child could use it so also a full grown adult. The app teaches how to speak, write, listen carefully to, and read the following underlisted languages:

Through its wholesomely interactive and fun interface, Duolingo has changed the face of language learning to that of easy thus making the process a whole lot result oriented. The app comes with exciting sounds and alerts with an engaging graphic which makes learning fun and nice. Users are given intermittent tests to check on their progress rate while using the app.


This app is basically designed for kids between ages 2-5. Embedded with multiple interactive games, this is one educational app that is vastly entertaining. The app comes with cool sounds which keep the kid glued to the smartphone screen while learning loads and loads of good stuff. The Kids Computer app comes with a uniquely beautiful on-screen keyboard and navigation which aids kids to effortlessly find their way in and around the app. The learning process comes with various objects for kids to identify, like: Numbers Instruments Animals Alphabets Vegetables Fruits Birds Among others The app comes in both English and Spanish with cute colors, sing-along-songs, rhymes and funny faces.


This app takes to incorporate daily living into teaching toddlers educational basics. What kids between the age of 2 - 7 easily recognize are mostly how brightly colored an object is or how perfect or awkward a shape looks. Through the recognition of both colors and shapes, the app primarily trains kids in matching, tracing and building skills. The app comes with various mini-games which guide the kid's ability to identify, pair-up, match and recognizes both shapes and colors. The app though highly engaging is easy to use and widely interactive with very cool animations. Kid's are allowed to play the following games:

  • Coloured Object Collecting
  • Tracing Assist
  • Drag and Drop animated shape building
  • Fun color and shape painting game

The app brings both parents and child together in an activity intensive educational learning experience.


Basically an alphabet game, the app an in-app gaming platform along with a busy yet engaging interface which helps kid's to learn how to write way faster. When using this app, children are asked to either write or draw number 0-9 and individual alphabet letters. Kid's are taught professionally as the app aligns with standard industry curriculum. The app comes in English and Spanish languages, with very fun and engaging sounds. Also present in the app for children to gain even more knowledge are animated pictures of birds, animals, objects, and shapes.


Can be used by older children in higher primary school classes including adults. The app in an intuitive manner trains its users brains to improve focus, response time and memory power. The app carries out all of the following functions listed below:

  • Allows users to answer pretty tough mathematical questions using high logic under record time.
  • Over time boosts users memory power, concentration, and focus.
  • Challenge oneself with different levels of gameplay.
  • Boosts users brain power to respond to difficult situations in record time.
  • With quiz mode, number mode and box mode the app engages its users in a couple of mini in-app games.

The app can also be used by people who experience memory loss in the past, as over time their brain cells that had laid dormant and without active workflow can begin to respond to intelligent questions while be revived back to full activity with the constant use of the app. Like any part of the body, the brain and its cells of redundant people can be exercised by steady practicing through the app's brain focus and concentration tools.

Here is something useful which I found out for Android Smartphone users.

This App has in itself:
QR Code Creator
Currency Converter
All Books
Global Parcel Tracker
All Unit Converter
Live WebTV
Scientific Calculator
Fashion News
Science News
World News
Tech News
Business News
Entertainment News
Sports News
and more 

The App is called the ALL-IN-1 GIZKIT  and above all, it's 100% Free with no hidden in-app purchases whatsoever. What endeared me most to this app is it's Data-saver feature which is a plus for people like me who are conscious of their internet data. To download click on the link below or just search for the word 'Gizkit' on Google Play Store.

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