Monday, July 9, 2018


Being a global village, the world we live in today on a daily basis, handles massive stream and
flow of mail, parcel or shipping containers (which is generally referred to as goods or better still packages) in and around countries and continents globally.

Transportation of goods around the world has in the past few years been made easy by the many advancements in technology. Keeping a close watch and monitoring the transit of a parcel, package or good and also taking log details of the place to place sorting, storage, and delivery of the package which in most cases can be predicted is called package logging or tracking as we will refer to the subject in this article.

Customers who have their packages moving from a point to another largely rely on the in-transit and delivery information of courier companies who handle the delivery of packages for individuals and companies alike. 

A well-detailed package tracking information provides customers with a place to place log, in-transit storage information and next stop or final delivery data of a mail, parcel, package or container (shipping). The advent and very wide use of the internet has made package tracking quite easy and more detailed.

On registering the package with the courier company, customers are given a tracking number which is used to keep track of transit information of their package via the courier companies official website. Courier companies, in turn, utilize barcode (both 1D linear and 2D matrix barcodes) and QR Code technologies for easy identification and safer transit and delivery of packages globally. 

For added convenience and safety, customers who utilize courier companies can now from the comfort of their Android-powered smartphones keep track of their package from anywhere in the world and at any time with same precise and detailed information on transit and delivery of their package. Listed below are 5 of the best package tracking Android Apps on the Google Play Store.


Official Android App of one of the oldest institutionalized global courier companies is the FedEx App which is a very efficient on-the-go package tracker. The FedEx App allows users to conveniently manage and track all their packages irrespective of size, quantity or count. Users get on-the-minutes updates on the actual position and location of their package anywhere in the world. With push notification feature, users get on-the-go situation report on the state and location of their package whenever it leaves a point to another. For a more convenient package tracking experience users barcode scanning which provides in-depth details on a package's status. Users can have their package's held up any FedEx location if they are out of town for either business or vacation. In-app, users can get the latest FedEx courier rates and deals available while they must be registered to use any/all features of the FedEx platform both on the web and mobile (in-app). The App can be used to also locate the closest FedEx to them.

2. DHL GO:

The DHL Go Android App is the official package tracking mobile tool of the DHL courier company but in conjunction with CHEERS/FAIRPRICE XPRESS. One of the leading package delivery companies in the world, DHL through its Android App allows users to conveniently track their packages and even pay for shipments with physical form-filling features. Users can effectively track their package withhold features for travelers or expats. The DHL GO App comes complete with a counter staff function which acts as an assistant for more convenience and ease of use. The App allows users to utilize the power of both barcodes and QR codes to both tracks, authenticate, validate, print and revalidate packages in transit till delivery at the destination of the receiver.


Official package tracking Android App of TNT Express, the App comes in handy for customers who need to get up-to-speed information on their parcels, mails, shipping containers, and packages while in transit and delivery. The App comes with push notification function which alerts users on-the-go on the latest status of their package while in transit and delivery. Users can in-app calculate shipping costs and pay for shipments remotely by registering and owning an account on the myTNT 2 platform. TNT Tracking can be used for professional and social meet and greet plus networking.


This is one of the best Apps outside of the traditional package tracking Android Apps on the Google Playstore. The App tracks over 220 courier companies and is the official Android App of the website which handles most of the Chinese delivery orders to other parts of the world. In-app users can track multiple delivery orders and delivers push notifications to users when their packages leave one location to another. The App comes with both a barcode and QR code scanner with a multiple language interface for users foreign to its traditional English language to also enjoy the full services of the App. The All-In-One Package Tracking App offers users a cloud sync ability with a custom widget for users home screen.

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