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android apps that pay to shop on cyber monday black friday and christmas save cash with coupon and cashback

Made popular by Scott Silverman and Ellen Davis on November 28, 2005, Cyber Mondays have now become a much anticipated annual shopping ritual where loads and loads of cash is saved while shopping for virtually anything online while retailers on the other hand smile to the bank as they rake in huge profits every Cyber Monday.

android apps that pay to shop on cyber monday black friday and christmas save cash with coupon and cashback

Therefore, it is not only online shoppers who anticipate Cyber-Monday annually, top online marketing companies including online retailers all look forward to the big day on the internet where their sales get crazily driven up to sometimes quite astronomical figures. 

android apps that pay to shop on cyber monday black friday and christmas save cash with coupon and cashback

Cyber Monday is now an official online marketing term which has broken frontiers from just being a U.S online shopping discount day to now becoming an annual globally-accepted and supported online retail sales discount day. 

android apps that pay to shop on cyber monday black friday and christmas save cash with coupon and cashback

Android-powered smartphone users are not left out of the frenzy as the under-listed Android Apps on the Google Play Store are sure to save users a whole lot of cash while shopping online every Cyber Monday.

android apps that pay to shop on cyber monday black friday and christmas save cash with coupon and cashback

1. PIGGY: Without mincing words, Piggy sits unarguably at the top spot when it comes to cash savings on Cyber Monday yearly and after that. Piggy offers its users the rare advantage of automatically adding promotional price slash and sales discount coupons to users cart whenever they shop anywhere online or at Piggy accredited stores globally. Enthusiastic online shoppers, therefore, have over time taken into cognizance the worth of the Piggy Coupons and Cash Back App for Android while its website has been a haven for the online shopping community who now see the website as a Mecca of sorts every Cyber Monday. A major unique feature of the Piggy App is its awesome 20% cash back policy on every purchase made online at over 2000 stores globally. Widely recommended and even spoken of by the Time Magazine, Piggy Android App users have recorded massive discounts of up to 70% while shopping online. On signing up on Piggy, users account gets credited with $5 as a welcome gift. The Piggy Service delivers to users one of the best cash back programs ever on the internet, with up to 20% discount on purchase at any Piggy accredited store both online or offline, users, in turn, get reimbursed quarterly after the purchase of any product using either the App or website platforms. What many Piggy users do not know is that the App comes with a hidden feature which in actuality tries out all generated coupon codes for users, thereby offering users a stress and hassle-free user experience.

 2. EBAY: Cyber Mondays come with awesome mouth-gaping product price slashes and incredible discount offers which makes shopping online quite fun and exciting every year using the Ebay Android App. The Ebay App encourages users to also make a killing in the online retail marketing industry every Cyber Monday. Using the Ebay App allows users to also showcase their own products and get potential buyers as they rake in massive profits. Users who are enthusiastic online shoppers also make the most out of the Ebay App as they are exposed to cash saving deals and discounts on best-selling product brands which range from electronics, shoes, computers, jewelry, clothes, home appliances, fashion accessories, industrial machinery, and equipment etc. Users also get to enjoy the best online auctions for Cyber Monday on the Ebay App which supports 9 major languages worldwide and allows users to use their cameras to scan barcodes while shopping.

3. AMAZON SHOPPING: The Official Amazon Android App, Amazon Shopping, is more of a shopping mall on one Android smartphone. The App comes as one of the best when it comes to shopping discount and coupon promo offers. Users can search and browse through Amazon Shopping's inexhaustible range of products which tallies to more than a million. Users from anywhere in the world can shop from all Amazon websites in-app. The App comes with a voice prompt command module which allows users to effectively shop using only their voice. Users can in-app track their purchases seamlessly while the camera on users Android smartphones serves as barcode scanners to authenticated products and orders. All transactions of the App are secured over an encrypted channel while users can search for coupon codes relevant to their purchases to get discounts on-the-go.

 4. ALIEXPRESS SHOPPING: The online marketplace, Alibaba, has on the Google Play Store one of the best cash savings, coupons and cash back Android online shopping Apps. The App is in itself a loaded shopping mall which boasts of millions of top trendy products for users to purchase at incredible discount prices. Users get to search for the latest coupons related to their purchase order. 75% of the products on AliExpress Shopping App carry a free shipping tag, which further saves users valuable cash. Cyber Mondays globally will never be the same with Android Apps like the AliExpress Shopping App as users enjoy both online secure payments and protection on all purchases by users the world over. The AliExpress Android App comes with a multi-language platform that supports all major languages globally while its users have the levity to use over 8 different currencies for their transactions in-app.

 5. SHOPCASH: Founded in 2015 for the online retail marketing and shopping community in India, the App has today broken bounds to become a global e-commerce entity. ShopCash has become an industry authority when it comes to linking online shoppers with the latest shopping deals and discounts. Loaded with cash back incentives for its users, the App pays users bonuses if they shop on their more than 1,800 top online stores globally. ShopCash users allow users to cash out their payouts either via cheques, PayPal or gift cards. The App is global and supports all major languages while users can link up with top brands not just in India but worldwide.

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