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nutritional dieting android app diet food regimen weightloss lose fat

When a person observes a strictly controlled and regulated eating habit and maintains such practice over a period of time, such a person is said to be dieting. Usually, dieting comes about or becomes important when a person is faced with an obese condition. 

nutritional dieting android app diet food regimen weightloss lose fat

Following a strict dieting regimen could either deplete weight, maintain health or build muscles. A strict dieting program usually goes hand-in-hand sometimes with a laid out physical exercise program. A well-outlined dieting program can include the following regimens:

  • Low Carbohydrate
  • Low Calorie
  • Flexible dieting
  • Very low calorie
  • Low fat

nutritional dieting android app diet food regimen weightloss lose fat

The above-mentioned dieting categories usually do not have much difference in their program layout including end results and have a lot in common. The father of modern day dieting, Dr.  George Cheyne, who was at the forefront of the crusade against the excess consumption of luxury foods and harmful drinks. Dietitian doctor George Cheyne himself suffered from a gross overweight condition which resulted from eating massive amounts of food. Out of desperation, the British doctor, took to a rather strict diet regimen of basically eating vegetables and drinking milk while he did away with any form of meaty foods. Over a period of time, Dr. Cheyne regained his health with a fully trim stature which emboldened him in 1724 to write his popular book which still remains a blueprint today, An Essay on Health and Long Life.

Today, smartphone users who have the Android operating system running on them can conveniently without employing the services of a dietitian, work on their overweight condition, health crisis, and muscle building goals effectively. 

nutritional dieting android app diet food regimen weightloss lose fat

Listed below are 5 of the very best dieting Android Apps on the Google Play Store.


Lose It is a Google Editor's Choice weightloss and dieting App that stands out with its on-the-go calorie counter with tips and guidelines for a comprehensive food regimen which aligns with food practices the world over. As a winner of various awards, the App boasts of over 50 million installs with well laid out food regulation and exercise-intensive program. The App can effectively be used by both newbies or professionals alike. Obese or Overweight people can use the App diligently to get back in shape and health which all depends on their discipline and commitment to achieving these goals while professionals, on the other hand, can use the App an instructional and communication manual when attending to clients, they can also use the App to broaden their scope of the subject with tips, videos, and hands-on text-based tutorials to place them on the next rung of their careers. The App on a whole tracks users progresses as it follows up on their food, drinks and exercise programs while it delivers on-the-go updated data using users profile information. The App can sync with other Apps, devices and trackers like Fitbit, Misfit, Healthkit, Withings etc. for effective cross-platform management of users health and fitness progress data. The App offers users a well-planned meal regimen which aligns with their body constitution while users can through the social function have their own community of like minded enthusiasts who spur each other on to their set goal.


This personal workout trainer and diet manager is a product of Hong Kong-based Developers (Leap Fitness Group) and a Google Editor's Choice App which has won numerous awards globally. Designed by professionals for both newbies and professionals alike, the App boasts aiding users to get back in trim shape without visiting the help of a tutor or visit to a gym. The 30 Day Fitness Challenge records users training progress in auto-mode, while it delivers on-the-go video tips and guidelines for users to plan their dieting and workout schedule effectively. The App comes with a:

  • 30-day full body challenge
  • 30-day butt challenge
  • 30-day abs drill challenge
  • Step-by-step workout intensity regimen

The App has been known to help users worldwide to effectively fight their obesity problem while it also serves as a food planner for folks who get confused on what to eat daily.


Lifesum assists users to reach their weight and health set-goals by delivering on-the-go tips and guidelines on healthy global food recipes, workout and fitness tips. Lifesum which is a Google Editor's Choice App has won numerous awards which keeps it in the forefront of weight loss and healthy lifestyle Apps on the Play Store today. The App comes loaded with a well-outlined meal and health planner moded to fit users schedule while the delicious and nutritious meals preloaded in the App come complete with their recipes. A dietitian tool the App has been widely used by professionals to aid obese and overweight clients to achieve very healthy results effectively. The App also comes a calorie counter which allows users to know their burn-rate and general weight and health progress. Lifesum's workout program is one of the best on the Play Store as users have used this strict regimen to achieve remarkable results which also hinges on their focus and strict discipline. The App comes with two major dieting programs for users which include :

  • Effective Weight Loss Program
  • Intensive Muscle Gain Program

Lifesum is designed to sync seamlessly with other fitness devices, trackers and Apps e.g S Health, Fitbit, Withing, Android Wear and Google Fit, this, in turn, allows peer-to-peer import and export of fitness and health data for effective monitoring and management of users weight, health and body balance/alignment measurements and calculations.


A FITAPP Developers dieting and health tool, The FitNation App comes handy with a well planned and laid out health-based nutritional meal course for obese and overweight persons who want to get back in shape and health. The App offers users a vast library of nutrition plans and recipes to assist them on their goal to get trimmed up. Complete with a workout schedule to assist users to lose weight alongside dieting, the App also comes with an in-app calorie tracker and calculator for on-the-go daily monitoring of users progress. Users can customize their experience by generating their own meal plans with suits users dietary habits, choices and body constituency. The meal plan generator is designed to work effectively with users nutrient needs and calorie data input. The App comes with 15 different meal plans created to suit every category obese or overweight condition including muscle building and body toning meal plans. Designed by a team of chefs, physiotherapists, sports psychologists, and fitness experts the App is well moded to fit into the workout plan of every ardent user with a focus on using dieting alongside intensive exercise to achieve remarkable fitness results for themselves or others. Professionals also can use the App to broaden their scope while they can utilize the App to serve their clients better.


The Health, Nutrition, and Diet Guide App is a well-outlined guide to a wholesome healthy lifestyle if followed effectively. Users get on-the-go tips and pointers on how to achieve and maintain weight loss, excellent health, effective diet plan, wholesome nutrition, remedies, and healthy lifestyle. The App also offers users updated weight loss and health news, tips, benefits, and remedies. The App comes with a large library of healthy and nutritious recipes of meals from around the world for users to choose from while undergoing dieting regimens and what sort of regimens fits which body type or weight, with an easy to access nutrition news hub for incisive information to achieve a well toned and trimmed body shape.

Here is something useful which I found out for Android Smartphone users. This App has in itself:

QR Code Creator
Currency Converter
All Books
Global Parcel Tracker
All Unit Converter
Live WebTV
Fashion News
Science News
World News
Tech News
Business News
Entertainment News
Sports News
and more

The App is called the ALL-IN-1 GIZKIT and above all, it's 100% Free with no hidden in-app purchases whatsoever. What endeared me most to this app is it's Data-saver feature which is a plus for people like me who are conscious of their internet data.

To download click on the link below or just search for the word 'Gizkit' on Google Play Store. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD:

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