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google play store mobile web browser android apk apps mcent chrome mozilla opera maxthon

Commonly called browsers, web browsers are software applications which one can use to access, transfer or communicate information over internet protocols basically the World Wide Web (www). 

What we commonly call or know as a Web Page (these are information packages which contain photos, text, audio or video content) is formally called a Universal Resource Identifier (URL).
google play store mobile web browser android apk apps mcent chrome mozilla opera maxthon

Browsers are not only designed to function over WWW protocols but are structured to work on private system networks, FTP and web protocol servers. Hyperlinks are more like bridges or roadmaps which forward users to their desired destination or webpage over either a public or private domain or network. 

All thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee for designing the world's first web browser in 1990. Called the Father of the 'World Wide Web' Sir Tim Berners-Lee  Founder of the World Wide Web Foundation and currently the director of the World Wide Web Consortium which is the organization laden with the task to oversee the consistent development of the web.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee's browser on inception was called the WorldWideWeb but it metamorphosed into NEXUS and was pre-installed on NeXT Computers. 

Subsequently, other web browsers came in light; the world's first popular web browser was designed by Marc Andreessen and it was called the MOSAIC browser, which was released in 1993 for public use. The Mosaic browser was so easy to use which made it very widely accepted globally unlike its predecessor the Erwise browser which was designed by Robert Caillau. The Mosaic was the trigger that set the trend of a rapid boom of the internet in the 1990s. Being a graphical browser (not just a text-based one) the Mosaic caused the very first global web explosion where everyone saw the need to be online and heralded the advent of the NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR web browser in 1994 which became the world's all-time most popular web browser ever.
google play store mobile web browser android apk apps mcent chrome mozilla opera maxthon

Android smartphone users today have the leverage to enjoy super-fast web browsing via various mobile internet browser applications on their phones. 

Today, Android OS users have the power to use text, audio, video, animations, and images on their smartphone's mobile web browser with ease and convenience.

Listed below are 5 of the best mobile web browser Android Apps on the Google Play Store.

1. MCENT: The MCENT Browser stands today as the best all-time web browser on the Google Play Store. MCENT is the world's first recharge browser that pays users to use its browser. Be it to surf the web, download, search or use social media networks via the MCENT browser App, users get paid to do virtually anything. The App is super fast and comes with a pretty user-friendly interface to ease of navigation and use. Additional features include: Adblocker Text-based browsing Home screen shortcuts Data Saver Auto-fill forms super fast download Organized bookmarks Tabbed browser Offline use Browsing history Incognito browsing In whatever country users find themselves, the MCENT browser is designed to reward users for in their country's currency to use the internet. Using the MCENT browser App handles for users the aspect of mobile recharging for data, calls, and SMS as users accumulate points which can be redeemed via mobile recharge on whatever network.

Official Google mobile web browsing Android App popularly called just Chrome browser. is a fast and secure web browser that stands as one of the most popular mobile web browsers on the Google Play Store. Compatible with both Android phone and tablet alike. The Google Chrome browser functions on a highly secure channel which encrypts all users data in-app. The App comes with inbuilt custom Google search and Translate function for a more easy and awesome web browsing experience. Google Chrome browser allows users to access bookmarks, history, passwords, and settings across various devices upon sign-in. Users can hassle-free sync their data securely unto the Google server for use elsewhere in-app using their personal account.  Users can utilize the in-app voice-to-speech function for complete ease and stress-free use. The Google Chrome browser is widely popular for mobile data saving, users who connect to the internet using mobile data can save a lot of money while surfing, downloading, searching, and using social media networks, users can save as much as 60% of their data subscription while using the Google Chrome browser.

 3. FIREFOX BROWSER: The official mobile browser of the Mozilla Firefox on the Google Play Store, the App offers quite a world of experience for users who love to have a customizable mobile web browsing experience. The Firefox browser offers users the leverage to sync all of their data across various devices seamlessly. Users can search, browse, download, stream and use social media networks. The Firefox browser App comes with A.I (Artificial Intelligence) search precision and a superfast user-friendly interface for users to navigate and surf the internet with ease and convenience. For top-level privacy, users can count on the Firefox browser to scale them through a very safe and private web browsing experience efficiently. Users can enjoy the in-app intuitive numbered and visual tabs which allow for seamless webpage track, search, bookmark and save.Users get to use add-ons in-app to step-up their web browsing experience and they have a range of add-ons to choose from like download managers, adblockers, tunnelers, password managers etc.

 4. OPERA BROWSER: The Opera browser is one of the most popular web browsers worldwide that offers users the leverage to get a well organized on-the-go newsfeed which keeps users informed anytime and anywhere. With a classy look, the App runs on a sleek but interactive design that provides users with an out-of-this-world mobile web browsing experience. The Opera browser is more like a news network that combines various news channels to serve users what news-story topics they would want to read on a regular basis. Users can add their favorite website to their device's home screen for easy and hassle-free access, only a touch away which push notifications deliver on-the-second in-app updates to users directly on their devices.

5. MAXTHON BROWSER: One of the best Apps for saving loads of data while surfing the internet, using social media networks, downloading content, and searching the web generally is the Maxthon5 browser. Maxthon5 browser users can save web pages for offline use while the light and a user-friendly interface allow for a superfast browsing experience. Unlike any other, the Maxthon5 browser App comes with in-app note-taking function at allows users to take down important notes while browsing the web on-the-go. Alos unique about the Maxthon5 browser App is its email addresses manager function which allows users to use pseudo or fake email addresses when signing on services and websites online for blocking of spam and junk emails including additional web security and privacy. The App also comes with a high-priority Ad-blocker that is natively pre-installed to block and ward-off disturbing pop-ups and ads. Users from around the globe can conveniently use the Maxthon5 browser App as it supports over 25 languages.

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