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video player apk android all formats mp4 3gp mkv avi flv wmv mov jpeg mpeg

Entertainment is a major key to relieving all of the stress and hassles of
a typical human workday. 

Nearly everyone today has access to smartphones, unlike years back when a certain class of people alone could afford VHS players, TV sets or buy tickets to watch movies; the above-mentioned class of people (way back then) were the only few who could enjoy motion pictures, documentaries and other video content using bulky space and energy consuming low-quality video playback equipment.

video player apk android all formats mp4 3gp mkv avi flv wmv mov jpeg mpeg
Smartphones have made it easier for people to have tons of videos to watch on-the-go anytime, anywhere and in a range of quality options to choose from. Being the world's most popular operating system, all Android-powered smartphones comes with their pre-installed video players.
video player apk android all formats mp4 3gp mkv avi flv wmv mov jpeg mpeg

Users who are conversant with playing video content on their Android smartphones know for a fact that all manufacturer pre-installed or embedded Android smartphone video players come with their little and sometimes unseen bugs, imperfections and restrictions. 

video player apk android all formats mp4 3gp mkv avi flv wmv mov jpeg mpeg
Luckily, Android application developers and programmers have taken this into consideration by releasing a range of Apps which users can install on their Android smartphones for a more entertaining video playback experience.

video player apk android all formats mp4 3gp mkv avi flv wmv mov jpeg mpeg

Listed below are 5 of the best video player Android Apps on the Google Play Store.

1. VLC: Top of the list in the order of the best video playback Android Apps is the VLC video player. The VLC player which stands as one of the most popular video player software globally, especially on PC. VLC video player App is a free-to-use multimedia player which allows users to play both audio and video content in nearly all available video and audio codec formats. The App aside for multimedia content playback allows for smooth uninterrupted streaming and while it rules its niche as an open source application. Using the VLC audio and video player provides users with a rather out-of-this-world experience with the availability of numerous filters and audiovisual codec for users to choose from. In-app subtitling, closed captions, teletexts and multitrack audiovisual playback channels allow for quality video playback even suitable for professional use. VLC's pre-installed add-ons and filters do not need additional downloads or upgrade as can enjoy auto-rotate, various picture quality formats, aspect-ratio control, gesture-controlled brightness, seeking volume, and zoom with a special widget for in-app headset audio filter and volume control.

The VLC App syncs and functions across various devices seamlessly without and can has a special Wi-Fi connectivity feature which allows users to use their smartphones with Android TVs as remote hosts/controls using the App.

2. MX: In a class of its own is the MX video player which while in use, also looks out for the well-being of users smartphones by keeping a close watch on the phone's hardware acceleration. Talking of a professionally standard video playback machine, the MX video player App boasts of being first Android App to offers users a multi-core decoding system which after various evaluations show that the MX video player is 50% more performance enhancing than most of the single-core Android video player Apps. With a pan and zoom feature which allows users to use the swipe and pinch gestures to control the zoom range of their videos, this also applies to the in-app subtitle feature, as users can zoom or forward/backward subtitle text. The MX App plays all video and most subtitle formats with a Kids lock feature to protect the in-app control buttons from uncalled-for touches from kids while-in-use. The App supports both photo, audio, and video content while users can sync in-app with other devices. 3. KMPlayer: A distinct feature of the KMPlayer is its mirror mode in High Definition (HD) Quality which allows users to flip their video playback experience up another notch. The KMPlayer App plays-back all audiovisual formats including photo-viewing. Used by over 100 million people globally, the KMPlayer supports over 30 languages. Users can control the subtitle feature by adding stylish fonts as both forward and backward subtitle text features can also be controlled in-app. With a wide range of adjustable features to choose from while using the App users can also apply gesture controls for video playback speed, volume, hue, brightness, start/stop, playback, and floating screen. The KMPlayer's cloud storage features allow users to upload their videos for future use while the in-app filters give users an altogether out-of-this-world video playback entertainment experience. 4. GOM: Official Android App of the Popular PC multimedia player, GOM player, is one popular video playback App that has received very wide acceptance. Known to play even unencoded video files, the GOM player has a reputation for being a very powerful cross-platform and multi-format Android video player App. Users can take still shots (screenshots) while watching videos in-app. Instant sync to Google Drive, Dropbox, WebDAV, OneDrive and even an FTP server, while users can utilize the sleep function to get back to video content even after a long period. The GOM video playback App comes with an interactive User-interface which allows users ease of use in-app. 5. MOBO: The MOBO video player does not belong to the superstar famous school of the above four listed Android video playback Apps but it is one of the few Apps that comes with all of the features these range of video player Apps come with. THE mOBO Player supports all video and audio formats for playback and most subtitle formats inclusive. The App comes with cool filters and add-on features which allows for a next-level entertainment experience in-app.

Users can use the MOBO video player to stream content live over an encrypted channel while users can screenshot in-app while the App is in use.

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