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job search job hunt job seek recruitment job placement job interview

Job searching or hunting

is not restricted only to the unemployed as those who are not content with their present job position also get into the job search pool. 
job search job hunt job seek recruitment job placement job interview

What every job seeker looks out for while out job hunting is an opportunity for an interview with an emp r which might lead to them getting hired. There are various ways to job hunt, they include:

job search job hunt job seek recruitment job placement job interview

This day and time, most jobs are gotten online via various recruiting and employment websites, blogs, and apps. Inasmuch as the offline recruiting processes are still very much effective, online job recruiting now accounts for a majority of the employment process for organizations today.

Job seekers aside from using every of the above listed offline recruiting processes, now focus their attention on getting employed via the internet. 

job search job hunt job seek recruitment job placement job interview

The advent and revolution of the smartphone technology have also affected job recruiting globally. Today, job seekers who own Android-powered smartphones have the power and levity to change both their financial statement and their lives in general within the palm of their hands.

job search job hunt job seek recruitment job placement job interview

Listed below are 5 of the best free-to-use job search Android Apps on the Google Play Store


LinkedIn Job Search App is a leader in the job hunt and recruitment industry globally. 

Official Android App of the social network website specifically designed for job seekers the world over. The App comes with powerful and useful tools for users to easily get their dream jobs wherever they are located on the planet. The LinkedIn Job Search App uses geo-location to deliver job recommendations to users according to their search description. Job seekers are offered the utmost privacy as they can upload and update their resume in-app. Interesting is the fact that, as the world we live in has now become a global village, users can apply for job listings with just their LinkedIn profile details. Using the power of keywords, the App delivers precise job listings to users within minutes. Users can further refine their job search via filling in their title, company-of-choice, location, job function, the desired position to get even more precise search results. LinkedIn Job Search App users enjoy on-the-second notifications on latest job postings on-the-go. For additional security and privacy, the LinkedIn Job Search App runs on an encrypted channel which keeps users data safe, secure and well cloaked online.


Indeed Job Search engine stands out as an authority and very useful global search engine for job seekers. Based on a user's search input the Indeed Job Search engine delivers millions of job openings ranging from the location, title, and desired position. The App supports over 28 languages and covers a database of over 20 million job openings globally. The App boasts of over 200 million users from around the world and covers full-time, freelance, part-time, internship and contract jobs. Users have the leverage to enjoy on-the-go notifications of latest jobs listed on the search engine. Before applying, Indeed Job Search App users have the power in-app to review their employs.


Designed by Smart Android Apps Studios, World Job Search is the official Android App of the global job search engine website and is a handy and powerful tool for job seekers. The World Job Search App works quite effectively using keywords to deliver precise job listings to users. Users can carry out a more advanced search based on specific information asked in-app. Job listings include online, full-time, internship, part-time, contract, and freelance opportunities. The World Job Search App is a simple interface Android-powered tool that offers users a fast and reliable job aggregator experience.


With tons of jobs being added to the Neuvoo Job Search App hourly, users have the leverage to enjoy an unrestricted access to getting their dream job using the Neuvoo Job Search App. With a powerful job search engine which turns out millions of job listings within minutes. Push notifications are delivered to users on-the-second via alerts once a new job listing which syncs with their search input is updated in-app.


The job search App is the official job hunt App of the global job aggregator website which is recognized globally. Users can use their social media network account profile details to fill in CVs for job listings in-app. Users can directly apply for job openings in-app without going through any external or further stress whatsoever. The App aside from its function as a job search engine also provides in-app tips and tutorials to groom users on the job application, interview and what little things to look out for or what to generally expect from a range of jobs. Users can pick between part-time, online, full-time, contract, freelance and internship job opportunities.

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