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Basically, a recipe is an instructional manual or handbook which enumerates how to prepare, cook or make a dish (food). Shocking is the fact that culinary recipes or cookbooks have been around for quite a long time. 

The earliest mention of cookbooks (as this article will further make references to culinary or food recipes) came from a Southern Babylonian tablet of Akkadian origin dated as far back as 1600 B.C, ever since then many cookbooks have been discovered through history e.g ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics in the Valley of the Kings showing the preparation of food, Greek recipes compiled in a very early cookbook known as the 'Mithaecus' was also discovered, Roman recipes from around the 2nd Century BC were also discovered in Cato the Elder's incomplete cookbook called 'De Agri Cultura',

in the 4th century BCE a pretty large collection of recipes was written and called 'De re coquinaria', this served as a conventional handbook through many centuries and later got the name 'Apicius', the book is the only surviving complete cookbook from the ancient world. The Arabs also compiled their culinary recipes from the 14th century BC onward with Persian cookbooks like the Karnameh from the Safavid era which was produced around 1521 and became very popular in the Arab world

because it boasted of containing one of the largest collection of cooking instructions although many recipes in the book have not survived to see today, another book from the Arab world which was largely recognized was Nurollah Ashpaz's Madat Oi Hayat written in 1597, although it has survived to see today, it is not complete.

The coming of the modern day printing press in the 16th century saw the spread of information grow very fast and many cookbooks began to go into circulation firstly in England, then the Netherlands and then globally. By 1660 the royal families of Europe were competing in lavish banquets and cooks were in pretty high demand, making cookbooks very popular at the time and many have survived till today.

A massive turnaround began in the middle of the 20th century with the coming of  TV cook shows and TV cooks took the center stage globally while they churned out thousands of cookbooks which are now popular today. 

The Advent of the Android OS (which today stands as the most popular operating system) has seen a new wave of a more productive world. The Android operating system gives users the power to become more gadget-to-man fluid, interactive and ability to customize virtually anything onscreen.

Read on to find out what top 5 free Android cookbook Apps there are on the Google Play Store.

1. KITCHEN STORIES: The Kitchen Stories culinary recipe App is among the leading recipe Apps on Google Play Stores which has grossed global acceptance as it is not just a food instructional manual but a general kitchen maintenance App most women worldwide have found to be quite useful. The App comes with a huge library of culinary recipe HD cool photos, videos, and well enumerated DIY instructional manuals. The App also comes with a shopping guide and online shopping price checker for ease and convenience. The App allows users to collect and store recipes in real-time while it also offers an online currency converter option.

2. MAIN RECIPES: Main Recipes is an offline App that which allows users to access various of the most thrilling recipes from around the globe. The App comes with loads of tempting recipes for users to try out including dish menus, desserts, soups, food courses etc. The App comes with the following preloaded features which include searching recipes by their names, single click search, storing of recipes separately in dedicated caches, no internet (offline) recipe access, and custom material design.

3. COOKPAD: This App is very interactive and more like an exchange point where users can upload their own recipes and also get ready cool recipes from the community when they get online. The App comes with an offline library where users can get loads of recipes and store them in caches for later use. The App comes complat6es with courses for stews, drinks, soups, desserts, ethnic dishes, main and side courses with diet recipes inclusive.

4. BIGOVEN: The BigOven App is one that boasts of a rather super large gallery and a library of culinary recipes, with over 350,000 recipes in its hold. The App boasts of over 12 million downloads globally. complete with an interactive menu planner and shopping utility for ease and convenience. With that load of recipes, the App in an interactive manner suggests to users what they should try out according to what they taste desires look like. The superfast search option sifts through the whole library to provide users with the best menu option to settle for.

5. RECIPES IN ENGLISH: The Recipe In English App is an offline App that comes with a rather simple interface which allows users to get a library of English recipes within the palms of their hands. Recipes come in full HD quality as users can choose from Deep-fry, Snacks, Drinks, Curry, Roast, Baking, Fry, Pulses, Soups, Stews, and Pickle recipes.





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